Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday Morning Post

The week through pictures:
Let's start with the Halifax Town Clock 
This is a major landmark which is located at the foot of Citadel Hill.

In the photo below I was having fun with shadows
on the living room some editing of course.

Ron made the signage for our little display at Plan B.
Yes, that is him hiding behind the glass bowl!

A lot of construction in downtown Halifax....a good sign for our little city, I'd say.

Halifax still has a good mix of the old and the new. This is a very old building built in the 1789
and later in the 1870's was known as the 'Halifax County Academy'. 
Today I believe a number of businesses rent out space in it.

Below is a picture of Citadel Hill in Halifax. It is a very popular tourist attraction 
in the summer and affords wonderful views of the city in all directions.
Even though this photo looks deceiving, this is a very high hill in city centre.

Ron and Sophie discussing the 'latest dog trends' at the park this week.

Spring is here even if it is still a little cool. However, these Snowdrops don't care about
cool temperatures....they are hardy and thriving in our garden.

Sophie swimming in the Northwest Arm. This is her preferred form of exercise.
 Her webbed toes provide great paddles!! And yes, that is Mr. Orangie she is heading for.

The Crocii are popping up all over the garden...a very welcoming sight indeed.

Have a good weekend everybody.

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