Sunday, July 20, 2014

Eclectic Tastes

Boy, does this take me back to a time when life was uncertain,
big decisions were being made, moving out on my own,
coping with the loss of a younger brother,
and excited about what may lay ahead.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.


  1. Hi there from a new reader in England……I discovered you via a comment you made on " Going Gently", who I have been reading for quite a while now. Your photos are beautiful, and I especially adore the one of the green grasses posted a few days ago. I have a clivia just like yours, and a couple of days ago I split it into 3 as it was getting too big and pot bound. I inherited it from my father in law earlier in the year and it had thrived on neglect in his latter years..he passed away aged 99 and 10 months in March! I have also had a peek at your " shoppe" on Facebook……I was born in 1945, so I am familiar with the era! I remember doing " painting by numbers" The situation overlooking the sea is fantastic. I have been to Toronto, ( about 20 years ago )where we have relations, and we visited Kingston, on the St Lawrence River…so that is the closest I have been to you. My husband has been to Nova Scotia many years ago. I have a 1 year old dog..a mini schnauzer….just off for a walk now trying to avoid the worst of the heat…it has been very hot here ( upper 20's centigrade) this last few days. I look forward to many more wonderful photos in the future. Regards F.

  2. OH MY that would have brought so many memories, i have no idea why the sound stopped working, i've checked and everything looks good but I can't hear anything...bummer Have a good Sunday Jim and to Ron and Sophie, of course lol

  3. Every week on your eclectic series posts, I either find my self saying 'Jim, I love this person/people too!' Or I find myself saying 'I've not heard of them before but I love them!' We definitely have the same taste! I love David Bowie, I remember when I was about 12 we had to do a 'My favourite music artists' project in music at school, David Bowie was on my list and the rest of the class were laughing saying I like old people music, haha! I also had on my list Frankie Valli, Elvis, Queen and Ella Fitzgerald so looking back I'm not surprised I was told that my a bunch of 12 year olds! The funny thing is I bet the majority of my peers were listing the latest boyband or one hit wonder that probably haven't been played on the radio since that year!
    Have a good day Jim!

  4. Always liked this song and David Bowie too!

  5. Ah, yes. It does bring back memories. Enjoy your Sunday, Jim.

  6. Traveling back in time with this tune, Jim! Oh, the memories...

  7. I'm quite fond of David Bowie and of you.



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