Friday, July 4, 2014

Trying My Best

I never liked the fog.
From the time I was a kid I remember it making me very unsettled.

It always made me a little claustrophobic....hemmed in.
I have tried to appreciate it like some people do.
And I must say that after yesterday's walk on the beach trail
it wasn't so bad.

Must be because I am getting older.
In fact, it is my birthday today!
So as a gift to myself I will from this day forward
appreciate the fog a little more each foggy day.

See how serious the fog can make's only fog Ron!

There really are trees down there.

This fella had no problem at all finding his way.

The brightest thing on the trail was this flower, the Cat's Ear.

So foggy it was that all the evergreens were covered in dew drops.

Hey, fog isn't that bad after all.
Hey, I am trying I said.

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