Friday, July 4, 2014

Trying My Best

I never liked the fog.
From the time I was a kid I remember it making me very unsettled.

It always made me a little claustrophobic....hemmed in.
I have tried to appreciate it like some people do.
And I must say that after yesterday's walk on the beach trail
it wasn't so bad.

Must be because I am getting older.
In fact, it is my birthday today!
So as a gift to myself I will from this day forward
appreciate the fog a little more each foggy day.

See how serious the fog can make's only fog Ron!

There really are trees down there.

This fella had no problem at all finding his way.

The brightest thing on the trail was this flower, the Cat's Ear.

So foggy it was that all the evergreens were covered in dew drops.

Hey, fog isn't that bad after all.
Hey, I am trying I said.


  1. Wonderful shots! And have a great day.

  2. Hey Birthday Boy! I find fog mysterious and intriguing! Sometimes scary and unnerving! I love how fog muffles sounds, enhances smells, and transforms the familiar into something alien. Your pictures capture many of those qualities. Have you ever smelled lilacs or wild roses in the fog. Or the fishy breath of a whale unseen near your boat on the Bay of Fundy? I love your birthday gift to you! I hope your day is special!

  3. And out of the swirling mist, there was Ron, a golden flower,. pine needles, what looked like the tail of Sophie, and a bird soaring in the dim sky, , all saying to you " Happy Birthday".Those lovely photos, some sincere words, and from down under, Hugs and all best wishes for your day. Jean. p.s. "just because I think I can, XXX "

  4. Happy Birthday, Jim! :-D I really love fog, beautiful pictures...

  5. happy 4th of july birthday!!! i love fog! batten down your looks like arthur is heading towards you. i hope it doesn't hit you too bad. are you doing something special for your birthday?

  6. what lovely photos in the fog, wow having a birthday on the same day of the great USA that must be awesome,, happy birthday may the fog lift to allow you to see the most beautiful scenery on your birthdayl Happy Birthday Friend xxoo

  7. I've always felt the same way about fog... but you made it look quite inviting. Well, I came over today mainly to wish you a WONDERFUL, BLESSED, BEAUTIFUL, FUN, SAFE, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!

  8. That pic of Ron looks as if he is unsure of your mood. Really a nice bird shot.
    I hope you are having one special HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  9. I love the fog :O), you know the sprites can come out when its foggy, it gives them cover to play and play! :O) Happy Birthday to you!!

  10. HAAAPPPYYYY BIRTHDAY to youuuu, Jim....lalalalaaaa....:) from us three girls over the sea just in time to blow your foggy always away.... sending you our tuscan sunrays today & whenever you wish them....:) All the very best to you, dearest Jim :)

    Un abbraccione forte from your friends overseas Elvira Laccaille & CJ

  11. Happy Birthday, dear Jim!
    The photos are so crisp.
    We rarely have for - maybe once a year, if that.

  12. Fog makes for pretty pictures.
    Happy birthday, Jim!

  13. Happy birthday, Jim! At least you're trying with the fog. I really like it; it's quite mysterious. Unless I'm driving. Then I don't like it at all.

  14. Happy Birthday Jim! I can't give you a gift, so I'm sending a great big virtual hug! Enjoy your day!
    I don't like the fog, mostly because the damp air turns my hair into an awful frizzy mess!

  15. Thanks everyone! I had a great day starting early by dropping Sophie off at daycare and Ron and I headed into the city to eat and shop and eat and shop!! lol Had a good day and it is now late and no time to do a post for tomorrow!! That is it IS my birthday!! lol

  16. Born on the 4th of July, you lucky dog! How nice that the whole USA celebrates along with you!
    Fog doesn't last too long, that is what you have to tell yourself, you know!

  17. I love fog and find it magical, mystical, soft and quiet, enveloping. But I know plenty of people who don't feel the same. However, how could anyone not like the fog after seeing that hunk suddenly appear as it clear!?!

  18. Sorry to have missed your birthday. Wishing you, belatedly, a happy, healthy, blissful, joy-filled year.

    I've been told they had fireworks for you all over the USA again this year.

  19. Personally, I both love the fog and your photos, Jim. Hope your b-day was special in every way - including the fabulous fog.


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