Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer Blossoms

It's blossom time in our garden. It is hard for me to believe that such beauty
can show itself after the long, cold winter we had.
But this is what I found yesterday.

With the exception of the first photo, all other photos are SOOC (straight out of camera).

A great garden staple.....the Weigela shrub/bush.

I really like this Yellow Flag Iris. I hear it is very invasive in some areas....
drying up the wetlands.

There is something alien about this Peony bud.

And too with this Oriental Poppy bud.

A 'volunteer' Daisy.

A Blue Flag Iris.

The Japanese Buttercup.


A white Rhododendron.

Pink Rugosa Rosa (Wild Rose) my all-time favourite scent in the garden.

And finally the White Rugosa Rosa which also has an incredible scent.

Don't you just LOVE summer!!


  1. what beautiful post to open up with my morning coffee-thanks

  2. Oh Jim these are exceptional, truly beautiful, and believe it or not I love peonies in buds they are so tiny and magnificent to be, bravo on this gorgeous display, I love lilies of any kind, I love all flowers, bare none, and these that you have in your garden, is a blessing indeed, great gardening work!!!

  3. I love blossom time! This year our rose bush is so full, we've had to cut some of the roses off and bring them inside because it was making the bush wilter so much! Your garden must be a lovely bright place to spend time with all of these beautiful plants and flowers :)

  4. Beautiful photos, Jim, and such gorgeous blooms. It truly is amazing that so many flowers have sprung after such a hard winter. And they are. Nature is constantly surprising us with so many miracles.

  5. just beautiful...sofc. also, I hear it's your birthday tomorrow which is really today since I post late and it's tomorrow there, not here but there. Have a happy happy. love.

  6. What beautiful flowers, Jim! I can just smell the heady fragrance of those old-fashioned roses, especially in the rain or fog. They were in all the family gardens. They probably still are come to think of it! Enjoy your birthday, my friend! Ron posted a lovely birthday tribute to you! You guys are as sweet as those roses to each other!

  7. Yes, I love summer! And your flowers! We are a tiny bit ahead of you seasonally. Our peonies are finishing up.

  8. Thanks everyone! I too love this time of year.

  9. Stunning! I can almost smell that rose!


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