Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

The week that was.....

Acquired this 60's step stool this week for the shop.

Sophie surveying one of the beaches at the park before we go down to it.

Lunch on Tuesday was this delicious black bean/quinoa burger with steamed greens,
at one of our favourite restaurants called Heartwood.

Sailboats at the mouth of Halifax Harbour.

Sophie at Lake Banook in Dartmouth on Wednesday.

Nothing better than a good shake!

I liked the soft colours in this SOOC (straight out of camera) shot from Wednesday evening.

I had a planned 'meet-up' with these two at the sister Mary (Mim)
and her dog Maggie.

Late Thursday afternoon from the shop window.....very ominous sky over the city to the west.

Continued from two above......Mim's dog Maggie.

And my very fit and athletic sister doing her 'sets' at the park's outdoor gym!!

A view of two other beaches I can see from the shop.....Conrad's Beaches.

Met up with this little speed demon on the beach Thursday evening.

Added this lamp and the little rocker to the shop this week.
They both were in Ron's family home for well over 80 years....he grew up with them.

A beautiful sunny late afternoon along the canal in Eastern Passage, just outside of Dartmouth.

This was where we saw the Super Moon last week in Cow Bay.
See that house just left of centre? That is the MacDonald House

where my shop is located atop MacDonald Hill.
We live about two km down to the left.

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