Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Downright Balmy, I Tell Ya

Summer, it appears, didn't want to let go and was holding on for dear-life 
for the past two days around here.

So up to our 'perch' (MacDonald Hill) we went last evening before sunset 
to catch the breeze and balmy temperature....as was this couple.

These photos, I hope, reflect the feeling of the almost tropical air.

The Golden Rod was in its glory.

The ocean was raging and frothy.

Spruce trees are a very hardy species along this coast.

The beach as seen from MacDonald Hill. I liked how the sun reflected upon the lamp posts 
along the highway.

 Nothing holds back these parasurfers.

And so ends another day along the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada.


  1. The setting sun shining on the ocean, perfect end to another day, let them continue for some time yet. Cheers,jean

  2. beautiful sunsets this time of year.

  3. It was almost heading in the direction of cool Sunday evening. We will get there in another month.


  4. how beautiful. we are having a wonderfully cold morning here this morning but summer is making a return for the rest of the week.

  5. On the roller-coaster of transition once again. Very cool this morning! Very warm afternoons.
    That water does look rough!

  6. Oh gosh i love your heading and all the photos, heatwave, really? we are getting colder by the minute Fall is here , Yay! I love Fall

  7. Wonderful images, Jim! As far as I'm concerned, summer can hold on for as long as it wants! Way into autumn... We had the same weather over the weekend, but now it's cooled off again. Let's hope for a beautiful fall season, so we can get out and take photos!

  8. Thanks for bringing back such warm memories of a day in July spent atop MacDonald Hill flying kites and picnicking with my best friends! A beautiful and peaceful spot! You are so lucky to live next door to this little piece of heaven.

  9. Love these pleasant days of fall. Your last shot is stunning!

  10. The sails have been back out in the sky and on the water lately. Autumn breezes!

  11. Hi Jim!! Love that angry ocean - full of beauty.

  12. You too? Gawd, it was 29 above here in Edmonton yesterday. WTF?


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