Thursday, September 11, 2014

Why Me, Lord?

So, on Tuesday evening past, we decided to find the Super Moon once again
except this time at a different beach further along the shore to the east.

We ended up at Grand Desert Beach. The sun was starting to set
and the moon was supposed to begin to rise in the opposite direction.

It was relatively mild outside with hardly a breeze.
(Oh, I forgot to mention that there were a few boggy/wet areas near here too.)

So out we jumped from the car and began clicking away in both directions,
waiting for the moon to poke above the horizon.

Ouch! I said. I was being bitten alive by a number of pesky mosquitoes!
And only me too! They don't care for Ron for some reason!! lol

So inside the car I went along with Sophie
and I made do with what I could see from there.

From the driver's side-view mirror I could see the sunset.

From the driver's side back window a larger view.

From the front I kept an eye on where we thought the moon would rise.

Then back to the side window.

And one of Ron out the passenger side AND not a mosquito in sight!!

Sophie in the backseat kept her eyes on him as well. The mosquitoes like her too.

A couple more shots through the rear-view.....

And there was Ron, with his hat off no less, taking tons of photos in both directions
with not an insect in sight.

Oh, by the way, the moon never stayed behind a cloud bank.

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