Wednesday, May 12, 2010

To the Valley We Go........

On the road by 10 A.M. today. All we knew was that we wanted to head towards the Valley (Annapolis Valley, that is). This is where Ron grew up and it has lots of good memories for us. So it's always a treat to return to the Valley.

The sun was shining as we left the Eastern Shore and headed inland for 100 km. We listened to CBC radio all the way. Sometimes they have interesting programming.

Of course it was almost lunchtime when we were approaching the Acadian village of Grand-Pre . Ron remembered that a great little Cafe we love had just re-opened for the season. Yeah! Everything in this place is made from 'scratch' and it has had a good reputation for over 40 years. Can't go wrong in this place.

It's about the only place in  which we are the youngest the waiting staff. So, it's nice to have that feeling back every now and again.  

So after we 'downed' our soup (chicken noodle and mushroom), chef's salad and burger, plus rhubarb crisp, and oh yeah, Ron had his fav chocolate milk shake, we hopped in the car and headed towards the Minas Basin Shore which is part of the larger Bay of Fundy (home of the world's highest tides....really).

Before we turned on to the highway, I noticed an apple orchard that had an incredible carpet of dandelions............everywhere! We had to get out and explore this. So we did.

The scenery is beautiful getting to the shore. And, luckily the tide was on it's way there would be more beach available to walk and give Sophie a run.

As soon as we parked the car at Blomidon Provincial Park and went to the beach, we were met by none other than a Labradoodle. It was smaller than Sophie and we learned from it's owner that it's name was Danny and was only five months old. Danny was more excited to see  Sophie than vice-versa. But they did have a good run and Sophie tolerated the antics of this 'child'.

As can be seen in these pics, the cliffs are eroding along this shore at an incredible pace. Ron's family had stayed at a cottage nearby (when he was a child). The road to that cottage is no longer there. It's almost impossible to stop this eroding process....about all one can do is slow it down a bit.

It was starting to get a lot cooler as the sun had disappeared behind some pretty thick looking clouds. We decided to head back to the car and start for home.

This was a busy day and a good one at that. Gotta love those 'unplanned' little trips.

Here's one more pic of those glorious dandelions.


  1. The dandelions are so beautifull when they are in bloom. Then after they seed, you are left with a scraggly, no so beautifull, plant that chokes out everything else. It takes over everything and leaves you with a lawn that you can't walk barefoot on. But it looks nice again next spring.

  2. I agree Stew. I love to see them in a field or meadow, but the are buggers in the garden or lawn.

  3. Oooh, a day trip. I love day trips! Especially when there is food involved! Every so often we drive to the coast, about 3 hours away. I guess I get more excited because I know we will be eating at a really good seafood restaraunt. On the way there I already know what I am going to order! lol
    Great pics. I started to get a bit worried when there were no pics of Sophie, but the next pic there she was.
    Chicken noodle with mushrooms? Gonna have to try that. See, the whole food thing again. :)

  4. Actually, there were 2 soups....chicken noodle soup and mushroom soup. But, your version sounds good too, AJ!

  5. Looks like a fun trip, but you can stick those dandelions. I can't keep them out of my yard, and I detest them quite to the extreme. On a better note, I have planted a few plugs of St. Augustine grass that, once it spreads, should choke them out.

  6. yellow flowers..on both our blogs today!!!

    gop hill video here!!

  7. what a fun trip ... i love that country road -- and your dogs are sooo great ... all that energy. inger

  8. Guess I need to reach you this way since I find no email address. After your comment on my blog, I wanted to share some things with you but not in so public a place as my or your blogs.

    I have also looked more seriously today at many of your postings. I think I sense in you a contemplative spirit in you. I too see myself as a contemplative, although you'd never catch that from my blog.

    I am very much in tune with your love of nature, as I sort of tried to communicate to you in my first comment to you. Your journeys around Nova Scotia serve, at least for me, as a sacramentalization of the spiritual journey.

    Although not much is said about it, I deeply appreciate the ease with which you speak of Ron. It is really very encouraging to see a gay marriage, partnership, or relationship expressed in subtle but beautiful ways.

    Although I could not share with you a couple of things I wanted to, I was able to share what I just did.

    Thanks for touching base with my blog and speaking highly of Davide and me. If, by chance, you ever do wish to contact me directly, you can reach me at

    Take care both of you.


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