Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Walk in the Garden

 Lately we are either in the garden or at the beach and have the camera slung over a shoulder....just in case.

Yesterday was such a day in the garden. You know, when you see something that you hope you can capture.....the colour, the mood and the silence. Well, after lots of shots (thanks to digital technology) I believe I got a few of those illusive moments.

This may not appear to be very welcoming at first glance......the lion symbolizes strength, security and safety.......things I try to incorporate in the garden.

One of our initial intentions was to have a garden with twisting pathways......we tried to stay clear of straight lined-paths. And if truth be told, we started at one end of the property and added different things as we went along.......much like a not-so-well-planned town or city.

As can be seen, Forget-Me-Nots are everywhere. We like this until they are 'spent', then off to the compost heap. In the process the seeds drop off and get started for next spring. After they are gone, it's time to get out the whipper- snipper and get at the grass along the paths.

A little splash of red in the distance.......

These are blossoms/buds on the Gravenstein Apple tree. It is a very old variety of apple that is slowly disappearing in Nova Scotia to all the new varieties on the market.

Last, but not least, are a couple of pics of Sophie in her 'pool'. She loves to follow us around the garden and she tries to be as helpful as she can.....this is a lot of hard work for her and she deserves a 'swim' to cool off.

Well, thanks for coming along this mini-tour of our it changes through the seasons, I'll take you on more.


  1. I must say the pool doesnt quite fit in with the cottage garden theme!!!

  2. There is nothing like spring in the north. We had Gravenstein apples when i was a kid. My doggies have a pool like that too. Soldier is the only one who doesn't like water -- they say he's a lab cross -- I'm not sure about that. - Inger

  3. Good Evening! You have a lovely garden! If you like that apple, couldn't you graft some of it on something else? Pretty! I am wondering if Jill would like a pool, I suppose the water would muck up her radio fence receiver, but maybe on a regular collar and leash, whist I sit in the cool water. Hmmm.....
    Red ... tulips? My eyes aren't that great. Nice red. Love your arbor!

  4. Your garden looks to be the most perfect place to meander on a sunny afternoon! Love it!

    Liz (aka Ninny)

  5. Oh! I forgot to mention your fierce lion... I love it! We are all Leo's in our house now :)

  6. Love the lion! That is so very cool.
    Hello Sophie!! You look 'splashing' in your pool! hee hee
    Your garden is gorgeous.
    Thanks for the tour. As usual I have that serene feeling after reading your blog.

  7. Sophie loves that $10 Walmart pool eh!

  8. Took a long while for these comments to 'post'......13 hours at that!
    John, we call it the 'mixed theme' look.
    Sharon, you know that you can 'click' on each pic twice to enlarge them? Yes, they are tulips.No Leo's in this house.....a Cancer and a Capricorn. Sophie sends a big slurpie lick your way!

  9. I don't have the property for a lovely garden like that. But I enjoy my few plants. I moved my winter house plants under the shed a month or two ago to keep them from getting burned before the got too much sun. I just moved them to the front porch yesterday! Sophie looks cozy.

  10. your garden is perfect. I thought Sophie was going to be in a puddle - but she is far too ladylike !


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