Sunday, May 9, 2010

Rise and Shine

Yesterday we were 'up and at it' and to the beach/river by 7 A.M. This was unusual for us. Usually we have breakfast, then got to the beach. But we wanted to get breakfast 'out' and decided to go to the beach first.

Sophie thought this whole new routine was great.....reminded her of when she was a pup and was at the beach early, every morning. 

There was a bit of a breeze but we were dressed for it. We headed down the beach towards the river.

 When we got to our favourite spot near the river, we stopped and sat down and just looked out at the sea and the very calm river. It was between tides........the river was neither flowing towards the sea nor was the ocean pushing its way up the river. Everything was still except for a breeze.

We use this spot to do Qi Gong........which is a type of Tai Chi . There is something so tranquil yet invigorating about this location and doing our 'movements'.

It's funny, but whenever we begin the movements Sophie gets into a 'hole-digging' state. She digs like there is no tomorrow. It's almost as if this is her form of meditating. When we finish (10 minutes later), she stops too.

We were getting hungry by now and so was Sophie. Stopped at home to feed her and then to a place called Cora's who serve a great "Eggs Benny" with asparagus. There was a line-up when we got there but it moved pretty quickly.

Today of course is Mothers Day in North America (I'm not sure if it is celebrated in Europe or not). Since both our Moms are not with us any longer, it is usually a quiet day now. Mom had passed away on Mothers Day three years ago and Ron's Mom 12 years ago.

Actually, my Dad called and said that he had the 'In Memoriam' announcement ready to be placed in the local newspaper. He asked if I could pick it up and call it in. It was a sweet verse he had written and he combined it with something I had found on-line. My Mom was always good at writing poetry....she probably would have gotten a chuckle out of us using a partially non-original verse. Oh well.....
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