Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Trees Have It Made

Most of the time we take trees for granted.
Funny because they are everywhere.
Without them our lives would drastically change.
Not to mention other creatures who depend on them as well.

I have learned to admire trees more ever since Ron,
many years ago on one July day back in 1973,
made me sit down under a tree and look up.
I had never done this before.
I learned a lot that day.


  1. Lovely trees up your way, have you tried toile flat under a tree and take a photo looking up to the sky? My efforts have all failed miserably so far, maybe need more practise, first to choose a tree.. that's the easy part here. Thanks for your email, I did enjoy it so much.And so many of us out here have lots in common, heart surgery, ill partners, a dog or two or a cat, and then there is the quilting, knitting, antiques, photography, and the quotes. Linda, up your way, always manages to find lovely ones, and always, there is one that is just right for me. Enjoy your last days of snowtime.

  2. We know they're "the ones" when they give us a new perspective on life!

  3. i was about to say the same thing debra said!

  4. It is funny that you would say this about trees when I just wrote about having the opposite perspective. I wish our trees had as much freedom as the ones around your place. http://leavingcaliblog.blogspot.com/2015/03/this-house-3-bloom-on-tree.html

  5. Trees are so beautiful, I love how they change throughout the seasons, a tree in summer looks nothing like that same tree does in winter

  6. I love seeing the skeletons of trees in winter and then finding them cloaked with leaves in summer. They look so different. Then many of them produce an amazingly colorful show in the fall, before once again shedding those leaves. The trees in your photo appear to be dancing.

  7. They have such personalities, don't they?


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