Monday, March 16, 2015

Contemplative Monday

The following is from 'The Pocket Thich Nhat Hanh' (click)
published by 'Shambhala Pocket Classics".


"Right now America (the world) is burning with fear, suffering, and hatred.
If only to ease our suffering, we have to return to ourselves and seek
to understand why we are caught up in so much violence.

What has caused terrorists to hate so much that they are willing to sacrifice
their own lives and create so much suffering for other people?
We see their great hatred, but what lies underneath it?

Of course we have to find a way to stop their violence;
 we may even need to keep people locked in prison while their hatred burns.
But the important thing is to look deeply and ask,
'What responsibility do we have for this injustice in the world?'

Responding to violence with violence can only bring more violence,
more injustice, and more suffering, not only to others
but to ourselves.
This wisdom is in every one of us.
When we breathe deeply, we can touch this seed of wisdom in us.

I know that if the energy of wisdom and of compassion
 in the American (world) people could be nourished for even one week,
it would reduce the level of anger and hatred in the country (world)."

*** I added (world).


  1. Thanks for Sharing these , so real, so true violence only breeds violence a world of peace is possible even attainable but it has to start with oneself, one soul at the time, and the end will be pure peace, we have to be peace ourselves, and i'm working everyday on this even if I can't be alone anymore, even if i have to have neighbours i must make my peace with this and love them, and understand. If I can love where I live, I can live anywhere. Thanks Jim!

  2. Yes, Lorraine, let's start with ourselves and watch it spread around us.

  3. Great food for thought, Jim. I agree with Lorraine. Ultimately, it starts with ourselves. And from us it spreads to others.

    1. So true, Martha. Have to start somewhere.

  4. I like doing my contemplating in a lovely grove of trees like this.

    1. Trees have an energy like no other, don't you think, Pat?


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