Sunday, March 1, 2015

Eclectic Tastes

With the passing of 'Mr. Spock', Leonard Nemoy, this week,
I thought this would be appropriate for today.

Rest In Peace Mr. Nemoy.


  1. Hey, Jim! I really enjoyed that! I felt so sad when I heard that Leonard Nimoy died. A piece of me died too. He will not be forgotten! LLAP! It's tomorrow where you are! LOL!

  2. Well, Leonard Nimoy certainly did live long and he prospered. Plus he helped to create an immortal character that will live long after him. Pretty good!

  3. new journey
    endless trail among the stars
    more to learn

    Journey, of course, is a parallel meaning. _m

  4. You couldn't have made a better choice, Jim. May he rest in peace. I have many fond memories of Star Trek. I used to watch the show with my two brothers when I was a young girl.

  5. Leonard Nimoy was a good actor and a fine human being.

  6. I remember the music so well use to watch it all the time, Leonard Nimoy also appeared in one of my favourite shows ever, which was cancelled after 5 seasons I blame the producers for making the leap they made too soon into the series,I'm talking about Fringe , Leonard Nimoy, had a great role in it and it was my favourite show...thanks for this brief feel good memory


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