Thursday, March 19, 2015


We had a HUGE snow storm yesterday.
Yes, it is winter.
But this one was a doozie!
We had over 50 cm/20 inches.
And last night the wind blew it all around.
So it was no use to even tackle it till today.

In the front garden there is easily 3 feet everywhere.

Out back from the basement, Ron was brave enough to make a path for Sophie.
Luckily the snow is a soft/flyaway kind.....very light.
He is using one of our garden spades because our two snow shovels broke
the other day.

Looking out into the back garden from the basement door.

It is going to take a few days to dig ourselves out of this.
We had a couple of guys willing to shovel last month,
but they have mysteriously disappeared.
Thankfully we have a 'plow guy' who looks after the driveway.

The garden shed is half-buried,
haven't seen this much snow since 'White Juan'  (click) back in 2004.

It's been a wild and crazy winter since January 28th
and we have had nine (9) snow falls of varying degrees.

I think we should 'call it a day' for winter.


  1. This is way too much, and to have to dig yourselves out, I cannot imagine it at all. Hope lots of good Samaritans come to the shovel brigade!!! Take care,

  2. oh wow-that is definately ovewhelming-stay safe-as Ron and you probably should not be doing much snow shoveling right now-

  3. hey...that is my snow! send it back! this new storm is missing us and we are just going to get rain.

  4. Wow, that is a lot of snow, Jim! What did you east coast Canucks do to upset Old Man Winter like this? LOL... I hope it warms up and it melts quickly.

  5. You know it's a bad winter when the snow shovels break.

  6. wow, what did we do to deserve this even we here in the good old Ottawa/Gatineau didn't get that much, but wow do they make beautiful photos, you gotta say it's gorgeous Jim, while still a pain in the neck, i'm surprised you're still connected, hang in there, it will come Spring that is, unless it does what it always does here jump from winter, skip Spring, and bring an extremely hot and humid 100% humidity ...I WANT TO FEEL A SPRING, just for once lol

  7. here we got no winter, which is just as worrisome as those who got too much. How the coming season will be impacted by too much or not enough. Floods and fires.

    To me , this is soup weather. make a huge pot of Whats At Hand soup and snuggle up with a book

    I hope the melt is kind and safe

  8. Wow, that's too much snow even for me!

  9. I think you've earned some Spring.

  10. I'm so pleased to see that spring has arrived with you three - NOT! That's really quite a snowfall. Is there any danger of such an excessive amount of show being on the roof. I guess if it's of the light and fluffy nature then probably not?


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