Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It Was Like A Walk In The Park

.........because it was!

Yesterday we all went to Point Pleasant Park again.
Since the city is not allowing any parking on any street
till the snow is mostly removed, the only place to  park
was in the park's parking lot......and that was on ice.

Nonetheless it was a beautiful chilly day with sun and clouds.

That portion of fence is about five feet tall.
The non-maintained paths in the park were passable 
and frozen, so we walked on top of four to five feet of snow.

Cannon in one of the fortresses.

I am going to miss the snow.
What will I do without contrasts!!??

As kids, my brothers and I used to play in this fort.

Sophie wondering where the grass, any grass, has gone!

A huge cargo ship leaving Halifax Harbour at noon.


  1. That amount of snow will take a good while to clear Jim, even if there is a big rise in temperatures. I bet you've forgotten what green grass looks like!

    1. I have, Craig! I am so used to the white stuff!!
      Actually, in the past couple of days it has started to shrink.......somewhat.

  2. Oh Jim so stunning, too cold though here anyway, but don't worry about contrasts you have the sea, forest, trees, and last but not least, Sophie, and the shop and the never forgotten handsome Ron, you'll always have brilliant , original photos , and I say good for you !

    1. 'And the never forgotten handsome Ron.....' Love that, Lorraine! Thanks so much for the encouragement.

  3. Your photos are absolutely breathtaking, but I do think you'll adjust to a lack of contrast. March 24? I can't believe the snow!

    1. But I am starting to really like all the white, Mitchell!! lol

  4. I can't believe the photos of all the snow you've got in the maritimes! Just staggering.

    1. We were out and about today, Debra, and they are finally making some headway in the city. But there is still SO MUCH everywhere! I heard that in two days there were 18,000 loads of snow moved and removed in the city alone.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks so much, Joyce!
      I am hungry, so I better check your post today....that make me even more so!!


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