Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Blue Skies Smiling At Me.........

Yesterday was another beautiful day here in Nova Scotia.
The temperature went all the way up to +4C.
Perfect for a walk at our favourite park in the city......
Point Pleasant Park.

Sophie and I wanted a good long walk through the whole upper portion
while Ron opted to stay on the lower level where it was flat.

There are three old fortresses in this park, and this is the remains of one of them.

Soph and I had a great walk here....first time since January.
So down this hill we went to find Ron.

And there he was! Sitting on the dock of the bay/harbour!
With camera in hand and an audience of ducks and seagulls.
He called to us and off Sophie went to join him.

But first she had to take her first dip of the year 
after she scared off the seagulls of course!

......Nothing But Blue Skies From Now On


  1. Wonderful photos, Jim! +4C after all the cold that's been faced is a reason to celebrate! LOL...

    1. That is exactly how we felt, Martha! the rest of this winter will be a 'piece of cake', I tell ya!!

  2. What an extraordinary song for your magnificent photos, i feel it too winter is ending...the winds are not cold and the sun is out, wow!

  3. i keep thinking (hoping) that we are in for a good spring snow this year!

  4. Beautiful skies! Waiting for some more of that around here...

  5. Beautiful blue skies in your neck of the woods. I was just singing along with Ella today!

  6. Glorious photos of a winter perhaps thinking of changing toward spring.


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