Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Garden Jaunt

This post is dedicated to my brother Bernard who would have been 61 years old today.

The Rhododenrons are coming and the first of this bunch are the yellow ones.

We have other 'yellows' called Hong Kong 
which bloom after these which are slightly different.

Rhodos grow very well in Nova Scotia due to the acidic soil which they love!

Did you know that rhodos like 'pine needles' as a mulch?

I love the shade of these.

Here are a few more bushes starting to blossom out.

Now for something very un-rhodo like.....

This Chestnut tree was getting very large and beginning
to shade the plants around it.

So last fall I cut it back....way back!

Now it looks like a 'pollarded' tree and I actually like it better now.

I doubt that it will produce any seeds/chestnuts this year.
It is probably still in shock from the 'hair cut'!!

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