Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Time For This To Stop

In the news lately, here in North America anyway, there has been a lot of talk about the deaths of three young men who had committed suicide. Two were 13 years old and the other 18.

They killed themselves because they couldn't cope with the bullying they had to endure because they were gay.

A lot of gay, lesbian and trans-gendered kids have a very difficult time trying to come to terms with their sexuality. Add bullying to the mix and you can get one very confused and desperate individual.

A lot of 'gay' organizations  have spoken out that something has to be done to stop the bullies from getting away with it . This goes for all bullying to all kids that are different from the 'norm'.

Their has been a lot of discussion about the frustration with the heads of governments both in the US and here in Canada as far as 'dragging their feet' when it comes to equal rights for homosexuals in our society. 

It is a lot better here in Canada as far as having the laws in place for our rights and freedoms. The States have a way to go but it is coming. But not fast enough!

I was very fortunate growing up that I managed to mostly stay 'under the radar' as far as being 'detected'. It was a different time back in the sixties than it is today.  However, it is just as difficult for kids to 'come out' to their parents and friends today. It can be very frightening. We all want to be accepted.

Just because there are a few gay and lesbian characters on TV, doesn't mean that everything is peachy and acceptable to everyone. It is not.

Kids can be cruel. Having seen this first hand in schools, and having worked with kids that were 'different' from the norm, I can attest that bullying is alive and well. And generally being swept under the rug as far as being recognized and dealt with.

Suicide is very devastating on a family regardless of the cause. When someone is pushed to such extreme measures, it tells us about the state of mind in which these individuals found themselves.

My brother committed suicide when he was 19 years old in 1972. He was not gay. It was a very difficult time for my family.

When kids are pushed to such extreme measures that they would take their life, it should tell us all that something has to be done. Now! 

Kids are suffering. Families are suffering. What more has to happen before we address  this bullying of  not just gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-gendered kids, but all kids.

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