Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday's Selection

I thought of this selection ( from the 1975 'live' recording at the Opera in Koln, Germany) while listening to something very similar yesterday. It reminded me of what Keith Jarrett sounded like.

Hadn't listened to him in quite a while. So I thought it would be a good one for today. It is a bit lengthy, almost 10 minutes, but a great background piece while you are waking up, having your tea or coffee, or just doing nothing.

I was first introduced to this musician in 1979 in Vancouver, British Columbia. (Ron and I lived there for a few years.) It was played for every warm-up at the modern/contemporary dance classes I took back then.

I went out and bought the 'album' immediately. Jarrett was and still is a great improviser. He can take you along with him without you even noticing it happened.

So do whatever you have to, or not have to, and enjoy this great musician. Have a great day.
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