Friday, October 8, 2010

Long Live Hibiscus

It will almost be time to bring in the Hibiscus plant/tree.

The botanical name is Malvaceae which is part of the mallow family.
The genus includes both annual and perennial plants. Ours being the annual type, it has to come in before the first frost. Otherwise....trouble!

We've had this one for about 18 years. At first it had pale yellow blossoms. As it aged and has many a summer in full sun, it is this peachy colour . One fall the blossoms we're mostly a deep maroon. Very versatile this plant!

Three years ago it got 'bitten' really hard by the frost. As a consequence every leaf fell off and did it feel sorry for itself ! Thought we lost it for sure.

The next spring we put it back outdoors and it slowly came back producing the tiniest of leaves and no blossoms that summer.

Back in 1995 we spent Christmas in Bermuda (which I highly recommend by the way). Everywhere we went there were hedges of full bloom. I figure they must grow like a 'weed' down there. But what wouldn't ?

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