Tuesday, October 26, 2010

To Halifax for Flu Shots

Yesterday we left early to go to Halifax for our annual Flu shots. And on the way I took a few pics of the city.

We live about 35 km. from Halifax. On a 'good' day it will take about 30-40 minutes to get there.

As we approach the MacKay Bridge that will take us from the city of Dartmouth to Halifax, we slow down to pay the toll and proceed across.

It has quite a view of the surrounding area. This is called the Bedford Basin. During WW2 this was filled with Allied war ships and supply ships. Of course I was told this.....way before my time!

                      Bedford Basin
Also, right under this bridge was where the 1917 Halifax Explosion occurred. Both sides of the harbour were completely leveled. 

You can see the other bridge ( MacDonald) in the distance and the mouth of Halifax Harbour to the Atlantic Ocean.

Halifax was founded in 1749 by the British. Before this, they (the British) fought the French and their ally, the Mi'kmaq, for years for control of Nova Scotia. The Acadians, the French who live here, are a thriving minority today and there are regions where French is the first language.

This picture shows the Town Clock that dates way back to the 1700's and is situated on Citadel Hill which was a British fortress and today is a national park.

After we got our flu shots and being just next door, we decided to go into the Halifax Public Gardens. These are Victorian gardens.  Here we go.

               Main gate entrance
I worked in these gardens for four years when attending university. Learned a lot about gardening and cutting grass! 

                  Who's that! Oh yeah, Ron.
I always loved the large water fountains/monuments here.

I remember as kids my parents would take us here to feed the ducks.

                    Times have changed.
We just saw a similar tree we have in our garden.....yikes! Never knew it grew so BIG!

                   Katsura Tree
As you can see there was still some colour in the Gardens.

The Gardens will be closing very soon till the spring. Too bad. It would be good to see it covered in snow! A whole different look.

                  Couldn't resist this shot....the seagull didn't move an inch!
Hope you enjoyed this little/long tour of Halifax, my hometown. So much more to see. Another time.

Victorian beds
                 Ron with matching large-leafed tree

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