Monday, October 11, 2010

Contemplative Monday

I got today's quote from a website to which I  recently subscribed. Daily it has quotes to ponder and upon which to reflect.

It is called 'tiny buddha'....Simple Wisdom for Complex Lives.

“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”  ~C.C. Scott


  1. Nice quote, but if I may add to it - "unless you go crazy first"

    Love the bench!

  2. First of all, your new header is gorgeous. I want to stand in that water, and feel it curl around my feet.

    I believe that quote. So many times I have seen people stand square and stare trouble in the eye. And, come out stronger for it. We're a very flawed species. Critters like Sophie have much cleaner souls than we do. But, we have redeeming qualities, and our ability to face that which seeks to tear us down is one of them.

  3. I always like to start out my day with a good cuppa Jabacue. Thanks once again!

  4. I agree with Louise, the header is fab!
    the quote is perfect with your photos.

  5. Wise and wonderful words! Happy Monday to you! Susie xxx

  6. Glad you like the new Header. I could say I did it I suppose...but I didn't. Ron did it and I supervised!

  7. Thanks for the link to quote site.

    The header is amazing...I can almost hear the birds and smell the sea!

  8. You take such beautiful photos! My favorite is the pine cone laying in the needles. Frame that one and hang it on the wall!


  9. Beautiful photos -- Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  10. My first thought was... good thing because we don't have much choice. Love the photos. I feel calm when I look at your photos.

  11. I always feel calm when I am taking photos.As soon as I look through the viewfinder, I begin to calm down and 'focus'. It's a nice feeling. Of course taking 100's of photos helps too!

  12. Another job well done with this post.

    I love to walk barefoot under the white pines in the fall. Those soft needles underfoot are better than any carpet made by man.


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