Friday, October 29, 2010

Feel Good Friday

I got the flu shot the other day and ever since, I feel like crap.

Got me thinking about how easy it is to 'jump into' the mindset of always feeling lousy about one's self or something that is happening in the world.

It can be very easy to 'give in' to these feeling/emotions and spend the rest of the day wallowing in sorrow for yourself.

I did that last night. Today I had the choice to stay in that awful state of self pity or to push myself into a better 'frame of mind'.

Different things work for different people. Since I have an appointment this afternoon with my Qi Gong/Massage therapist, I thought I'd start the day with  Qi Gong......a series of seven, repetitive movements. It's much like Tai Chi.....same family. 

It took about 8 minutes to complete and I am not kidding you that I felt a whole lot better than I did before I started. I changed my focus....from thinking about how bad I felt to thinking about something else.

Qi Gong is an energy balancer. And believe me, my energy was pretty low at first but I pushed myself to do it.

While doing these movements I looked out a window and saw the Bearberry bush in all it's fall colours. I thought I HAVE to take a few shots of this bush. The results are in this post.

What do you do to 'get yourself going' when you feel you can't do anything?


  1. wow what pictures!!! can you eat those bearberries? i have never seen them before.

    what i do when i'm in that awful funk is either have a good cry, sleep, or drive around with some good music and sing like nobody's listening. [good thing too!] and in those times i write my best poetry.

  2. I wanna know more about these movements! What do you do?????? I need something to get me going. xxx

  3. some really deep breaths and five minutes on my front porch does it for me.....also, would like to know more about your excerises....


  4. When I feel out of sorts, I try to go take a walk. I haven't yet tried it in the pouring rain, but, that, believe it or not, is one of my goals. If I can't go for a walk, I play with my cats. You're lucky, also, to have Sophie to give a big hug to.

  5. 1. Gorgeous photos. 2. I felt the same way yesterday, my arm, shoulder, saw the ortho dr., don't like him, felt sorry for myself, etc. Decided to start today right -- prayers, medidation and then cleaning house. I'm working on the kitchen now, between reading blogs. 3. The book I recommend you read is: Teacher Man by Frank McCourt. Since you were a teacher and I know you care, I think you will enjoy it.--Inger

  6. Thanks for that. My email is....

  7. I want to know more too. I'd love to get over myself in eight minutes.
    What I do is I give myself a designated time period to feel like crap. I can sulk, feel bad, think negative thoughts (as long as I don't inflict myself on my dear husband, of course), but when that time is up, it's up, and I remind myself of what a good life I have and get on with it.

  8. There is a correlation between getting a 'Flu shot and feeling 'blue'. Reasonable, when you think about it - the vaccine gives you mild 'Flu-like symptoms while your system develops the requiredanti-bodies.

    Once again, your photographs are really great!

  9. Lovely pictures, awesome colors, very pleasin to the eye.

    The week after I had my flu shot (and pneumonia shot) I felt all drug out and yucky. Did more laying around then usual. Maybe a side effect?

    To get going? ROFLMAO! Maybe a fire?

  10. Here's what I do to get me feeling better: I vacuum, move furniture, re-arrange, organize, and so forth. Sounds crazy, but it works for me. I'm thinking my youngest son was into the Qi Gong for quite some time and felt really good about himself... now he doesn't do it, and is on antidepressants and anti anxiety meds. I wish he would go back to doing Qi Gong, or find an alternative that would work for him. So glad your feeling better. Your pictures are beautiful, as always.

  11. Great pictures! And I can so relate to what you're saying, especially in light of our current household situation.

    What I do? Grab my camera and go outside and shoot! Either than or work on some art, but most often, it's the camera that makes me feel better, probably because it gets me outside and thinking about other things.

  12. stunning photos!

    what do I do...I let it happen, and try to live in the experience for a little while. For me it is important to take these moments and feel them, work through them. But I agree, it's a fine line to falling into self-pity and depression, and I don't want to go there.
    Blogging helps me the most since I am not able to leave the house's my therapy!

  13. Beautiful pictures and I'm sure that bush is equally as beautiful as the shots. When I'm really down, I pray and that helps. But if I'm just in a mood, then I crank up The Black Eyed Peas on my ipod. Can't be blue when you're dancing. :)


  14. I usually play with my dog. Even at 9 years old, he's quite the handful and hard to keep up with. And he's always ready to play.

  15. While I rarely have time to indulge any sense of anti-motivation, I still find myself struggling at times to "do something". To tell the truth, I usually just give in to doing nothing, which is still doing something, as you know. But when i HAVE to do something the thing that works for me is getting on my bike--which is what I always do since I don't have a car. No matter how tired or grumpy I am, the bike ride always proves to be the right tonic--perhaps for the same reason you go outside, Jim--it is done in nature.


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