Friday, October 29, 2010

Feel Good Friday

I got the flu shot the other day and ever since, I feel like crap.

Got me thinking about how easy it is to 'jump into' the mindset of always feeling lousy about one's self or something that is happening in the world.

It can be very easy to 'give in' to these feeling/emotions and spend the rest of the day wallowing in sorrow for yourself.

I did that last night. Today I had the choice to stay in that awful state of self pity or to push myself into a better 'frame of mind'.

Different things work for different people. Since I have an appointment this afternoon with my Qi Gong/Massage therapist, I thought I'd start the day with  Qi Gong......a series of seven, repetitive movements. It's much like Tai Chi.....same family. 

It took about 8 minutes to complete and I am not kidding you that I felt a whole lot better than I did before I started. I changed my focus....from thinking about how bad I felt to thinking about something else.

Qi Gong is an energy balancer. And believe me, my energy was pretty low at first but I pushed myself to do it.

While doing these movements I looked out a window and saw the Bearberry bush in all it's fall colours. I thought I HAVE to take a few shots of this bush. The results are in this post.

What do you do to 'get yourself going' when you feel you can't do anything?

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