Saturday, October 16, 2010

Retro Saturday

I picked up a few things at the thrift shop last week.

The first two are old mixing bowls that originally came with a 'mix master' set. The electrical component was not with the bowls but that was OK with me.

They were made by 'Glasbake' for the Sunbeam company. I can remember my mother's was all white.

Glasbake was originally made by the McKee Glass Company in the US up to the early 60's and then taken over by the Jeannette Glass Company till the early 80's.

I really like the pale yellow colour of these bowls and that the smaller one has a 'pouring' lip. There may be a larger bowl that goes with these two......if I remember, my Mom's set had three bowls. I used to help her a lot in the kitchen.

This casserole dish is made by JAJ.....Pyrex made in England. I learned this from the Pyrex Collective they know EVERYTHING there is to know about Pyrex.

I'm pretty sure it's not too old but I liked the condition and the colourful, stenciled harvest design.

Today is Saturday and I hope there are a couple of yard-sales (indoor, as it is getting cooler by the day) to explore. Oh yeah, I got all three for $6.00!

How about you? There is something out there saying: 'Find Me, Find Me!'

Have a great weekend all!

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