Saturday, October 16, 2010

Retro Saturday

I picked up a few things at the thrift shop last week.

The first two are old mixing bowls that originally came with a 'mix master' set. The electrical component was not with the bowls but that was OK with me.

They were made by 'Glasbake' for the Sunbeam company. I can remember my mother's was all white.

Glasbake was originally made by the McKee Glass Company in the US up to the early 60's and then taken over by the Jeannette Glass Company till the early 80's.

I really like the pale yellow colour of these bowls and that the smaller one has a 'pouring' lip. There may be a larger bowl that goes with these two......if I remember, my Mom's set had three bowls. I used to help her a lot in the kitchen.

This casserole dish is made by JAJ.....Pyrex made in England. I learned this from the Pyrex Collective they know EVERYTHING there is to know about Pyrex.

I'm pretty sure it's not too old but I liked the condition and the colourful, stenciled harvest design.

Today is Saturday and I hope there are a couple of yard-sales (indoor, as it is getting cooler by the day) to explore. Oh yeah, I got all three for $6.00!

How about you? There is something out there saying: 'Find Me, Find Me!'

Have a great weekend all!


  1. Oh I just love Retro Saturday! You always show something I have or want. I have a white mixing bowl with a lip and another without a lip. I use them when I cook sometimes. Read: IF I cook sometimes! LOL I can't resist dishes. At estate sales I always head for the kitchen first.


  2. Good Morning Jim,
    Up until I got sick, I wanted one of those big stand mixers with the (yes 3) nice glass bowls. I never saw them in that yellow though. Really nice!

    Good luck with the yard sales! It was 34 when I got up, kind of think the yard sales have petered out for the year anyway, down here. I don't plan on going anywhere. Have a great day now!

  3. Hi Jim!! I LOVE your bowls, and could use them because I've been baking for my office and realized that I don't have the right size bowls...But yours look like they might be--If you were my neighbor, I'd ask to borrow them! I promise I'd bring them back! ;-)) Enjoy your weekend!!

  4. OOOOOH I love vintage items. I still am looking for Primrose water and juice glasses. I am building two sets for my boys to pass onto their future wives someday.

    This is probably why I love the show Mad Men so much. I can smell my uncles Vitalis, Right Guard, Brute, and Old Spice now. :O)

    Does anyone remember the really cool Avon bottles?

    Good Morning,

  5. My Rare One has been hitting the jackpot lately at yard sales, buying all these fabulous baby clothes and outfits for 2 wee babies whose Moms are a niece and a friend of ours. The clothes are in great condition and she picks them up for next to nothing.

  6. I love the last piece. No more dishes or things are waiting for me, but there may be something else out there. I'll let you know next week if I see or find something.--Inger

  7. Right now with no regular income in our household I'm reduced to living vicariously through everyone's blogs. Of course I know this is temporary and look at this hiatus from excessive needless spending as a "time of growth". But let me tell you: IT'S KILLING ME! Oh well, in the meantime I can enjoy your pretty mixer bowls--when we were cleaning out Mom's barn last year I found a little dish just like your JAJ one! I agree, the Pyrex Collective is a great source of information.

  8. oh how i love thrifting etc... and retro bowls and stuffs... these are beautiful. i found a cool soup turreen in NC whenst i was there, it's white with a lid and made by falstaff? its hard to read on the bottom. it was 2 bucks. great bargains, ey? yep.

  9. You have such a gift for finding great deals. I love Retro Saturdays. Brings back memories of what was in my grandmothers kitchen.

  10. Yep, Mom had the white Sunbeam set too. Now my brother has it, and uses it.

  11. I love those vintage mixer bowls. I don't have room for another stand mixer; I have a Kitchenaid. I'm glad you found a JAJ . It's too bad there is no JAJ catalog to view all the patterns!

  12. I rather like those bowls. Yes, in the charity shop I volunteer in I have to be very strict not to buy too much ! I see things I think other people would like too. The good thing is, any clothes which are simply unsellable & go to make ags, I get to keep the buttons if I like them !

  13. Who would have thought that the things my mother was cooking with would one day be art.


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