Monday, October 25, 2010

Contemplative Monday

Mahatma Gandhi. We have all heard of him and know that he was a man who believed in a 'peaceful' resolution to everything.

His philosophy in life was a very positive one and he had great hope for mankind. 

Positive thinking leads to a happy and healthy life for us all.

What we believe can and does directly affect our well-being.........even on a cellular level.

He said:

'Your beliefs become your thoughts
 Your thoughts become your words
 Your words become your actions
 Your actions become your habits
 Your habits become your values
 Your values become your destiny'



  1. I did not know that Ghandi said that. Those words, that remind me to focus on the positive, were exactly the ones I needed to hear this morning. Merci!

  2. i do love me some gandhi, i find his messages to be pure, peaceful, and enlightening. awesome pictures, as usual.

  3. That's pretty much what my Bible teaches me as well. Thank you for these words of wisdom today, Jim :)

  4. Great mind in that man!

    Beautiful pictures - what kind of camera do you have? (Name, model etc)

  5. Thank you for this up-lifting post!
    Happy Monday!

  6. Wouldn't it be nice for this idea to catch on.
    It's difficult to believe sometimes that words like this have been spoken and yet so many people refuse to hear them.
    I always enjoy these little reminders.

    Good eye with the pics.... as always.

  7. Thanks. From time to time, I have to tell myself to push away the negative thoughts.

    Like Sharon, I'd like to know what kind of camera you have, but I suspect the beautiful photos are more a credit to the man behind the camera than the model of camera.

  8. popped by via John's and must say that is a beautiful series of photos,

    Gill in Southern Ontario

  9. Beautiful photos and words...wisdom is a gift, freely given to us. If only we have ears to hear!

  10. Thank you for those words. I, for one, needed to hear them right this moment.

  11. He is a gentle soul with a kind heart. His words really do touch our minds. Such calmness in a hurried world. Thank you Jim. Just like Inger said, I needed to hear them too. xoxo

  12. Ciao Jim..
    ...WONDERFUL delicate PHOTOGRAPHY which are framing these vey important words; I am catched this life philosophy visually perfectly!!!!!!

    A GREAT blog you have got here and so wunderful to see your "dolce" Sophie...!!

    Thanks so much for stepping in my Tuscany, I appreciated it very much!

    See you !! ciao ciao elvira


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