Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Soup with Dad and My Sister

My sister, Marilyn, is in town to spend a few days with our father. She is from Edmonton, Alberta and arrived Monday evening.

Being a dog lover, Marilyn has a beautiful Bordie Collie named Shelby. Sophie was very pleased to see her again and 'told' her so in a very 'licky' way!

               Marilyn and Sophie
Since Tuesday is my day to prepare and have lunch with Dad, Monday I decided to make an appropriate 'fall' soup.....beef and barley with lots of harvest veggies.

I have learned that in order to get the full flavour from a soup, make it the day before. It gives the soup/stew a chance to rest and develop.

I bought a kilogram of organic, free range beef, new onions, turnip, carrots, buttercup squash, parsnips and broccoli (for the stems only, as Dad does not like the flowers). 

Simmered the beef with onions for over two hours with a little water and spices. It almost took that long to cut the veggies up in cubes! I cooked the barley separately and added it with the veggies.

Got to Dad's just before noon with a loaf of hearty multi-grain bread I picked up along the way.

Everyone was hungry.

        Ron, Marilyn and Dad

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