Saturday, October 9, 2010

Retro Saturday

If you haven't noticed, Pyrex is making a resurgence in popularity here in North America.

If you are old enough, you will remember it being in your kitchen when you were a kid.

I remember the big mixing bowls that my mother used in baking. Also the refrigerator jars with their glass covers were around for a while till they all got broken by us kids.

I am sure you can remember a few yourselves.

Today's retro pick is Pyrex that was made in Canada. It's called Delphite. Why it was only made in Canada, I'm not sure. 

It is a beautiful pale blue colour.

I bought the Delphite plates at a local antiques shop a few years ago. I got the turquoise plates (they are not considered Delphite), the cups and saucers and those two white plates from various places. The two colours work well together and I mix n' match them.

They are all Pyrex and made in Canada. As far as I can find they were made in the province of Ontario starting in the mid 1940's. They also made refrigerator jars, mixing bowls and other kitchen ware.

I use these dishes quite a bit. They are very fresh looking and present quite nicely with lighter meals any time of year .

They are very difficult to find. And in the Pyrex world to find some causes quite a stir. 

If you ever see any, buy it, keep it and enjoy it.

It's Thanksgiving here in Canada. I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and thank you for your comments and encouragement in this blog world of ours!


  1. They are really very pretty! You are lucky to have found so many!
    Have a nice Thanksgiving weekend!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Lovely pyrex, I remember my mams pyrex casserole dishes & I have a jug.....but it's just boring clear glass! xxx

  3. Thanksgiving! Well, Happy Thanksgiving to you and Ron and Sophie.
    Ah yes, the Pyrex bowls. I remember the colored differant sized mixing bowls ( the ones that stacked inside each other) in my Grandmother's kitchen. And of course there were the coffee cups. Guess what I have in my cupboard and use quite often? An old Pyrex casserole dish. It used to have a lid, but, um, I broke it about a month ago. Ooooops! :)

  4. Jim, I was thinking of you yesterday when I was antiquing and ran across tons of the different colored Pyrex. I was so tempted to get a set of the colored mixing bowls... but passed. I found a blue one today at a yard sale and grabbed it for $2. Nice! These that you shared today are really nice! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!!

  5. It's just gorgeous. I don't recall seeing much Delphite around here, but I'll have to keep my eye out for it. Interesting that the turquoise looks so close but isn't the same. They coordinate nicely.

  6. I still use Pyrex mixing bowls and baking dishes - hand-me-downs from my Mum and Rhonda's Mum plus some we got originally as wedding presents.

    Have never seen the Pyrex dinner and tea sets, tho' - that must be a North American 'thing'.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Ron and Sophie!
    I've never seen the plates before. Pretty! We had the mixing bowls.

  8. I never owned Pyrex, I never liked Pyrex, but I think this post may have just changed my mind. Very handsome stuff.--Inger

  9. PS - the header is beautiful.

  10. I have a mixing bowl set that has a Delphite Blue interior and it's just so pretty. I adore those plates, etc. Haven't ever run across Pyrex from Canada and I would imagine not much managed to make it all the way to Mississippi so I'll just have to enjoy it through your beautiful photos. Do Canadians pig out on their Thanksgiving like we Americans do????

  11. I knew these would be a hit!

    John, you may borrow them

    Christine, yes,we Canadians do 'pig out' on Thanksgiving just like you Americans do! In fact, Ron and I are taking my Dad out tomorrow for a turkey dinner plus.

  12. Happy Thanksgiving weekend!
    I've never come across Pyrex like this, it's beautiful. If I seen any I will grab it up for you..
    I remember the mixing bowls my mom had. All four were a different colour. We each took one with us when she's a nice memory!

  13. Love the new header pic.

    I think everyone's mom had a pyrex casserol dish. I think my sister stole them when we moved the folks to assisted living. We'll never see that again.

  14. Jim, I've been trying to see your duet post, but blogger tells me the page doesn't exist.

  15. What pretty colours. We never had any coloures Pyrex but our measuring jugs & crumble dishes / casserole pots were all clear Pyrex.

  16. Oh heart be still...I love those plates and cups/saucers!!!! Beautiful, simplicity, everyday elegance.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Jim!


  17. I really like the first photo of the pyrex plates! Cool!


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