Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mystery Solved

It's funny how I got so excited about the grapes every season. I'm always amazed that they grow here in Nova Scotia even though there is an established wine industry in the province.

Here's a pic of  some of them. We have two pergolas covered in grape vines and usually covered in grapes this time of year.

 I posted this shot last week.

I have been sampling them all week and they were just about right. Today I went out to sample a few and this is what I found.

I  checked the others and they were all gone as well  except for these.

Now I know what all the ruckus was about one day last week. There were a flock of starlings high up in the trees and just a-squawking at us when we came out.

I think we interrupted them while they were feasting on the grapes !

It's not like my grape jelly ever 'comes out' the way it's supposed to.......like jelly and not like syrup. 

Actually, I'm really not that disappointed. The birds have to eat too. And they don't waste them like I have been doing the past few years.

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