Saturday, October 23, 2010

Retro Saturday

I have got to STOP ( or at least attempt to) buying stuff!! There is no more room in the basement to put it all!

I seriously have to start to sell some, so I will have more room. That was the original plan a few years back. Buy things I like, and can use for a while in the house, then sell it after I retire.

Now that we 'find' ourselves being retired (albeit a 'forced' one but nonetheless retired), it's time to think of a strategy by which to sell it. It really is getting ridiculous down there. Vintage Christine would be in her glory in our basement.

I'm working on it.

But today I want to show you a few things I got at Value Village last weekend. It can be difficult to get 'deals' at this place but if you are persistent and dig around a bit, you will find something that appeals to you. Like this:

This is called a 'fan dish'. I found it on a bottom shelf with other stuff on top of it. I immediately thought it was beautiful and very pretty. There is a peacock in the middle of it. I knew nothing about it.....till I got home and looked it up.

It is made by Satuma of Japan and there are a few of these, but not identical, out there. They go for about 75.00 online........I got it for 7.00 .

 Now something quite different from a piece of china and to me just as appealing, are three glass 'tumblers'.

I have been 'collecting' these for just over year now and have quite a few. They are cheap but vintage. They go for about .99 cents for the taller ones and .49 cents for smaller ones. Can't beat that!

The design is definitely 60's. Makes me think of 'go-go' dancers and 'mod' designer clothes.

This little juice glass looks like it could be a 'banded' piece of glassware, for which I have a 'soft spot'.

It is vintage as can be seen on some of the bands........they are worn.

Don't have a clue why I like these glasses other than the colours and designs. Something (memory) is triggered and the next thing I remember is being at the cashier! lol  

I have always been a collector, as can be seen around the house and the state of the basement. I am sure a few of you have a few things hidden away in your attics or basements too.

Here's to a great weekend for you all.


  1. If you decided to start selling some of your retro-stuff, keep me in mind.

    BTW, love the couch pattern.

  2. I love your glasses. Pure gorgeousness!

  3. the blue glass is my fave.. the one with the blue bands, i mean.. we collect stuff too but probably nowhere near the amount you sound like you have... lol.. you really could make a small fortune on Ebay, i'm sure. you mentioned you were forced to retire a few years ago, can i ask what happened? or is there a post about it back in your archives? you guys have a great weekend too. i love your blog.

  4. Maybe you should open your own online shop -- it will reduce your collectibles in exchange for some lovely moolah!

  5. I am having visions of your basement! Probably a larger version of the corner in my bedroom, if my stuff was a big as yours - it would fill a basement. Great minds think alike, I wanted a shop (isn't gonna happen) collected antique silver spoons and odd silver stuff and gold jewelry and silver jewelry I had left from the Flea Market shop and all kinds of costume jewelry. Try to sell on ebay? Not going to happen anymore, you'll lose your bum and miss those pretties!
    That fan dish is awesome, I also have a thing about old dishes, but somehow (because of size) I have restrained myself.
    Great fun glasses! Feels like a party!

  6. I think you should open your own online shop at that place that I now forget the name of, starts with an E...Etsy, no, well you know. Then you could have a link on your blog with some examples of your stuff and we could all go shopping!! I like the glasses and they do remind me of how very old I am (all of a sudden!).

  7. The fan dish was a steal!

    I'm looking forward to misic tomorrow!

  8. Oops! I hit the wrong key. That's music, not misic! Dah!

  9. I'd love a rummage in your basement! The fan dish was a great buy....clever you. xxx

  10. I love the fan! And what a great investment. I always like it when my hubby goes treasure hunting with me because he has a real eye for these kind of things... Glad you didn't have cookies displayed with those glasses that could very well be filled with chocolate milk. lol.

  11. My best find to date has been the kimono I picked up for one dollar and then sold on ebay for 135 dollars. The vintage shop sounds like it would be a fun way to unretire yourself.

  12. Good for you guys! Bag-packing was my first job....15 years old and in grade 10. Learned to pack a bag (it was paper back then) very well thank you.
    I wouldn't trust you John packing my groceries!!! lol

    AND WHY NOT???????????

  13. What a fun posting - I share you passion for old glass and china, as well as for bargain-treasure hunting! As we say in our family, SCORE!


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