Monday, March 22, 2010


With a continuation on the theme of the last blog posting..........this morning I found myself in the garden looking for 'weeds' that are crowding out other plants. My definition of a weed is something that will 'take over' another plant for it's own survival and proliferance .

Not surprised at all that I found grass growing everywhere in two beds. This time of year it is easy to spot the weeds and even easier to pull them out because the soil hasn't dried out yet. I began to pull some long strands of old dry grass (with new shoots growing at the base) interweaving itself through the just bloomed crocii. I was careful not to disturb the lavender blooms. Got quite a bit from that bed and then off to the next.

In this bed the dry remains of last years grass was
everywhere......covering the Iris shoots and rhizomes. And again, the grass was easy to pull out.....roots and all. Looks much better and gives the Iris a chance to get a good start this spring........or at least till the next weeding of this bed.

I don't want to belabour the topic of getting rid of all the clutter, but I will!

Just as in the practice of 'weeding' the garden, our mind/body/spirit also needs regular 'weeding'. By learning to let go of thoughts,memories and experiences from the past, and not getting bogged down with worry about the future, we can become more aware of the present and do a better job of whatever it is we're doing. I have a's never been scientifically tested as far as I know.......that if we teach ourselves to focus more on what we are doing at any/every moment in time, then our ability to recall experiences (memories) will increase. I always hear people (including myself) saying that they don't remember things that they did....even yesterday. Being really 'present' will help with focusing on what we are doing. Even silly little details that we do every day of our lives.

So how do we learn to be present? As I said before in another blog there are a number of ways and it is up to you to find one that suits your routine. Mine is meditation and Qi Gong. These two activities suit my lifestyle and needs.

Speaking of my lifestyle, I am getting these 'looks' from Sophie, my dog. It must be time to head to the beach for a walk. So off we go.
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