Monday, March 8, 2010

"Where have YOU been all my life Pamela?"

A little groggy this morning......yes, I stayed up to watch ALL of the Academy Awards last night. Don't know why I do that every year. Guess it's habit, since I haven't missed one since I was 12. I get drawn into the 'spell' of Hollywood. And this year I saw The Single Man in which Colin Firth was nominated. This was the one and only movie that got my interest.

Had a great day yesterday at the beach. EVERYBODY and their DOG were there. I haven't seen so many people and their mutts this time of year. It was 9 degrees C. We let Sophie out of the car and she headed for her fave path. She was full of energy and wanted to get to the far beach ASAP. By the time we got there she ran over the dune and into the water to cool herself off. After a few shakes we headed along the shore towards the river.

I could see ahead of us a group of people and dogs....looked like labs and a couple of mixes. Good. Sophie loves to play with labs. They (the dogs) all came to greet and sniff her. They approved and began to chase each other into the water....each wanting to get the ball or stick first.

One of the dogs was a young chocolate lab.....about a year old. I noticed that he had a particular interest in Sophie. He was sniffing every inch of her. I was OK with this because it's what dogs do and besides I knew Sophie would only let him go only so far. I also noticed that this young stud of a dog still had his 'knackers'!!! How could you miss them.....two large, white protrusions bouncing all over the place. I thought to myself that this could prove quite interesting since Sophie's tolerance of sexually aggressive dogs is very low.

I asked the owner of 'Stud' if this was a breeding dog. He assured me that it wasn't and was waiting till 18 months old to have 'them' snipped. Better for the dog he was told.

So here was this dog totally entranced with my little girl. He couldn't stay away from her and attempted to mount her but wasn't sure how to do it. To my surprise Sophie was very patient with him and didn't have to set him straight. It looked like 'Stud' had fallen head-over-heels with this blond beach babe. Poor guy! Sounds like an episode of 'Baywatch' (not that I ever watch any of course).

'Stud' soon lost interest in Sophie and reverted back to his puppy self. They had a ball chasing each other. Would have had great looking puppies though..........
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