Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Had a visit from my sister, Mim, and her dog, Maggie yesterday afternoon.
It was a warm 20C, so we headed to the beach as soon as Mim.....

....showed us her newly coiffed hair. So she did her 'whirling dervish'
 with her head for full effect!

After the hair' show and tell' we headed down to the beach.....and over the rocks we went.

Mim is the youngest of nine sibs in my family and we have been very close over the years.

There is a twelve year difference in our ages but this has never caused us any problem.
We 'clicked' from day one.

This is Maggie and Sophie loaned her Mr.Orangie for the couple of hours at the beach.

It was a glorious day as we sauntered down the beach and back.

The dogs spent all their time in the water.

It was just one of those magical days.

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