Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Did You Know?

I didn't.......until today when I looked it up.

We went to a beach in Eastern Passage (just outside Dartmouth) yesterday morning.
We three Amigos walked the boardwalk and the beach.

We came across this Sand Dollar snuggled into the sand.

The term 'Sand Dollar' refers to species of extremely flattened, 
burrowing sea urchins belonging to the order Clypeasteroida .

Also (the following taken from Wikipedia).....
"Sand Dollars, like all members of the order Clypeasteroida, possess 
a rigid skeleton known as a 'test'. The test consists of calcium
carbonate plates arranged in a fivefold radial pattern.
They move across the seabed using their velvet-textured spines.
When they are alive they can be green, blue, violet or purple.
When they die, they wash ashore and are bleached white by sunlight."

A little background on this little guy/gal.


  1. I can see a quilt design right there, and colours are fine too. Inspiration from a little "Sand Dollar". lovely, your eye and lens found it perfectly. Jean

  2. What a lovely shot this is! Love looking for sand dollars on the white sands of Florida beaches.

  3. But if it's on a Canadian beach, shouldn't it be called a Sand Loonie?

  4. That's cute. (Also Debra's comment)

  5. oh how lovely and interesting, I never knew this, thank you for sharing that knowledge, it's beautiful Jim :)

  6. That is so cute! So pretty and interesting, thanks for sharing this little guy/gal with us, Jim!

  7. What a lovely shot -- and great info too.

  8. Aren't the special? This reminded me of when I lived in San Diego, one block from the beach!

  9. i love sand dollars. when you crack them open they hold 3 small white doves.

  10. Oh the memories of studying invertebrates, modern and ancient, especially beautiful sand dollars, your comment brings back, Jim. Don't you love Wikipedia ~ It just keeps getting better and better! Have a good one!

  11. I didn't know that. It's interesting. Thanks.


  12. A beauty - and I learned something new.


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