Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Ramblin' Post

I always find fall/autumn an introspective time of year. Alright I heard that.....I know I
can go a tad overboard in the 'serious department'.

It's my nature, and speaking of nature fall is by far my favourite season! I have just decided.
What other time of year can you 'catch your breath' and just take the time to take a look around.

Not only at those pretty-coloured leaves, but also at yourself. It's a time to be a little 
introspective....before hibernation ascends upon us (at least some of us)!

Time to give yourself an honest 'once-over' and get rid of some baggage from previous 'seasons'.
Also time to set some plans in place for the next few months till spring when we can leave
the house once again.

This week I have officially left behind a large portion of my life....I retired! Since I was forced to retire unofficially five years ago, it's been that long?, due to an accident I had, it was made official this week.

No more teachers, no more books, no more 'students' dirty looks............

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