Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Few Firsts For Sophie

We parked the car about five minutes away.

Sophie had a 4 P.M. appointment today......
she had to pass security screening at Dad's new home.

The building with all the windows was where we were heading. 

We had no idea what to expect and whether she would 
freak out or not!

 We were in the centre of Halifax in and around the hospital district.

Being a 'country dog', Sophie was doing alright so far in the city.
This wasn't her first time in the city.

We turned the corner and headed up Jubilee Road towards
the Veterans Hospital with all those windows!

It was completely done over in the late 80's
 and has been maintained very well.

So to the main entrance and things are going very well.
I told Sophie we were visiting Dad but she couldn't quite
understand why we were here and not his home.

Inside the main lobby of Veterans Memorial Hospital.

But she first had to meet Corey, the recreation director, 
to fill out some forms, walk to another hospital
to meet security, get her photo taken and  be issued
her own ID! If she passed!

The veterans here are treated like royalty as is evidenced
 not only by this impressive war memorial display
but this entire building is geared for their comfort.

Me and Sophie getting back from 'security' with her new ID attached to her collar. 

In case you are wondering how she did? SHE PASSED!!! 
Of course she did said one of her proud dads with a smile.
Now to get her on the elevator for her first ride!

Her very first elevator ride!!

As the door closes I get Sophie to sit, or at least try to!

 In Dad's room getting treats of course! She was very happy
 to see him  as he was her.

The ride up to Dad's room was no big deal for her at all
she was determined to find out where Dad was hiding
 so far from his home!

This was a PEI family reunion in 1987. It was a great weekend! 
One I will never forget. Now where are we: Ron is front row standing 
and fourth from the right. I am in the back row, first on the right.
Mom and Dad are to my right in front of me. 

Dad has been here for one week. And as he was 'going to town'
with the treats for Sophie, I looked around his room
to see some very familiar photos from home that he brought along.

 The 'baseball team' Dad always wanted! This was taken in 1963 
and yes it is black and white.
Back row L to R: Paula, Dennis, Jo-Ann, Marilyn, me.
Front L to R: Freddie, Dad, Mary Elizabeth, Mom, Laurie and Bernard.
I remember this day vividly.

Ron taking a breather in Dad's new home. 

 A photo of my mother before she was married probably in or around 1938-39.

Since we arrived just before dinnertime, 
we kept this first 'Sophie visit' short. 
I have learned never to keep a 96 year old man
 waiting for his meal! So we didn't.

As Dad headed down to the dining room
 (dogs are not permitted for health reasons)
we looked around a bit before we took the elevator again.

Ron and Sophie watching Dad head down the hall to eat. 

 Here are those windows we saw from outside. This is the 'common room' where
all the activities take place.

 On the elevator.

So now for elevator ride number two for Sophie.
As the elevator started to go down, Sophie flattened to the floor.
First time for that sensation!

This first visit for her wasn't as bad as we thought it could be.
As we walked down the street towards the car, 
Sophie was as calm as anything.

I am sure she was a bit bewildered as to what had just occurred.
But next visit she will know exactly where to go.

Sophie's face says it all!

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