Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Baa Baa Black Sheep Have You Any Wool......

Did you know that you can trace  articles of clothing you have
right back to it's origin?

Well, you can. All you need is the BAACODE!
That's correct, it's BAACODE.

You see, we really like Marino wool (click here) in the winter and find 
it does keep us warm as well as, if not better than, fleece.

Here's the story:

This past weekend we realized we needed some winter gear accessories,
like socks and gloves, so headed to a shop in Halifax.

Icebreaker (click here) is a brand that has served us well over the past few years,
so we spent some time looking over and trying on a few  of their items.

In the end we got what we were looking for, Marina socks
and Marina gloves. 

What we didn't realize was that because we spent a certain amount,
we were entitled to get one free pair of Marino underwear! Yes indeed, underwear!

So to the rack we go to see what they have in this department.
They did have what I was looking for and I took these to the counter.

Wool underwear, I hear you saying? Yes.
This wool is so refined and soft that you would not know
it was wool in the old sense of the word....that being
rough and scratchy/itchy.

I almost wish we were paid by this company 
considering the way I am praising their product.

So we got home and I noticed a tag on the underwear
that said I could trace back from where the fabric (wool) 

All I had to do was go to their site and enter 
the BAACODE which they supplied and 
which was unique to this article.

I did and was very surprised to see and meet the 'farmers/ranchers'
who raised the sheep which supplied the wool to make my underwear!!
They live in beautiful New Zealand.

If you want to check it out yourself here is the BAACODE:

Go to ICEBREAKER.COM and follow instructions.

I am so easily impressed as you may have gathered 
but I find this to be quite interesting and an
advertising stroke of genius.

(All photos were taken from the internet. Thus the blurriness! )


  1. Ha.Ha.Ha!!! I know Ice Breaker garments so well, you have the best!!!They are sold in so many areas now, and I hope when they scanned the BARCODE, they gave you a huge discount when you mentioned you know me in NZ!!! After all a friend with a blog should be worth something!!!Better than a bird in the bush. Fond greetings from Jean...

    1. Jean, I was thinking about you when I posted this! You are so funny! Hugh must be laughing all day long!! Now that is good therapy!!

  2. Love this post, Jim! A very unique one, indeed :) And yes, it is an advertising stroke of genius. I'm going off now to check this out.

    1. Martha I was so surprised to find all this out! Yes we do live in the 'boonies' I guess! lol
      But I did know that I could trace our chicken meat we buy back to the farm it came from! But my underwear!!!???

  3. Now that's only possible because these are made with lovely natural wool. Can you imagine what we would find tracing our knickers back to China? It is a fantastic idea...love wool socks, they protect your feet from cold and blisters. I must check out these products.

    1. LOL! Can you just imagine, Chania?! What we could find there!
      Trust me these products from this company are top quality and very well suited for our Canadian winters! Yes, give them a try and my cheque will be in the mail!lol

  4. Wow, underwear has provenance? Nice to be able to trace the wool from that sheep's back right to your ass, eh?

    1. Go figure, Debra! It does make the world a little place, don't you think?

  5. Oh, Jim, I love this post and the idea of the BAACODE. But most of all I enjoyed the picture of the dog keeping the sheep at bay.

  6. Hmm... are these hand or machine wash? Those socks do look nice, not sure about the underwear. Not enough sniggle (yes, I do mean sniggle) to go looking for the info. I am allergic to wool - something about the lanolin - are these different?

    Have a lovely afternoon!

  7. A Baacode......That is so cool! All I know is I'm sold and I now want some wool underwear too!!

    1. You'll never go back!!! It's cool but warm too! lol

  8. This is right up my alley! I love spinning, fleece and sheep. I haven't heard of this company, but will look them up. Did you know that most folks that can't wear wool have a problem with the way it's processed, and not wool itself? A lot of the commercial companies use a really harsh chemical to dissolve the bits of plant matter in fleece (burrs, sticks, etc), and that's the irritant.

    If you want to visit a wonderful sheep blog, I highly recommend
    http://myfavoritesheep.blogspot.com/. She's a nice lady who raises her own sheep and spins and knits. Her photography is excellent too.

    1. I didn't know that Terry, interesting. I have no problem with wool and this product just doesn't feel like what we normally think of as wool.

      Thanks for the link....I'll check her out.

  9. MERINO WOOL has long been a favorite of mine as I generally need only minor coverage from the cold, and this is so light and comfy, it suits my needs perfectly. All of my things are from Italy though. I wonder if only the manufacturing is done in Italy, or also the raising of those sheep.
    You got me wondering now...

    1. I would think Italy has their Marino sheep ranches/farms. It is perfect country for them. They are also raised in Australia.
      I was hooked on 'fleece' for warmth and am now switching over to wool.

  10. This is so fun, Jim! I loved the BAACode! Genius.


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