Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Have It All Figured Out! I Really Do!

Sophie and me at the beach this week. Thanks for the photos Ron.
It hit me this morning.  We have more power than we imagine and appreciate. Something happened which was totally unexpected.

I had a choice, to overreact and begin to rant and rave, or I could accept that things don't always go the way they are planned.

My immediate reaction was one of 'I can't believe that this is happening'. And why does something always have to get in the way?

What did I do? Well, I caught myself from riding the wave of anger and the 'poor me' persona and decided that to go that route would lead to nowhere really quickly and, in the end, achieve nothing at all.

So I embraced the moment for what it was, I know that sounds very cliche. That was the choice I had to make.....otherwise the day would have begun to unfold in an entirely 'not wanted' direction.

These 'things' happen all the time in our lives. The one this morning was something  minor in the scheme of things. But it could have 'taken off', so to speak.

Isn't the whole point in life to  learn to react/cope/accept the unexpected. That's what life is. We have no idea (and I am glad we don't) what's coming next in our lives. And I feel it is far better to teach ourselves and learn to cope with these unexpected 'intruders' as they occur, rather than falling into a totally unproductive, negative view of how bad things always go for you.

A few of my fellow bloggers have had these 'intruders' pay them a visit recently. I have admired their reactions to these unexpected 'guests' and how they have tapped into their strength to help them choose to take the 'high road' instead of making matters worse for themselves.

Sure there are times when a good 'I hate the world' production is very necessary to play out. But haven't you ever caught yourself in the middle of one of these 'productions' and began to laugh at the absurdity of reacting this way?

So today has turned into a beautiful sunny actually has! It could have become an overcast, cloudy, cold and miserable spite of the sun pouring through the windows.


  1. The good thing is knowing while our emotions can over take our good judgement. It is nice to realize we can just ride the wave til the next slosh of the unexpected. :O)

    Good Morning,

  2. I hereby appoint you President of the World! If everyone realized what you do, what a much better, and saner place this would be.

    Beautiful pictures, too, as always.

  3. I think I missed something here. So, what happened Jim? I guess that's not the point??

    ANYWAY> Ever since I've read the book 'Don't Sweat the Small Stuff... And it's all small stuff' I've been able to deal with those 'Intruders' of life so much better and when I feel myself waning, I re-read the book. It puts things into perspective.

    Great post, Jim. I always love how you write between the beautiful photos. Have a great day - No matter what!!!

  4. Good for you for staying in the positive! I love love love the "high road". Mostly because I like to look down on other and it's much easier from up there.
    Have a great day! Here's a gift! Your Friend, m.

  5. I am so glad your day turned out well in the end Jim! Sophie looks like she will never have negative vibes!!! I love!!

  6. Great post and enjoyed the photo`s too !

  7. Picking your battles is not easy. Some are minor, some are deal-breakers. It's for you to decide.

  8. Good Afternoon, Jim! If I reacted negatively to all the stuff that comes my way, I would be in the funny farm. I try to roll with the punches as best I can. Beautiful calming pictures, I would love to sit among the rocks and just watch the seas and the sky.

  9. Beautiful pictures and what you say is true and so simple, really, once one sees it.

  10. It is easy to go the drama route :O). I think your the only other person I have heard use the term "take the high road" I use that a lot!

    Good for you, glad you could catch yourself and realize you do have a choice to make. It took me a long time to realize this. I finally figured it out, it was my choice how I handled every situation, did I make it worse, did I try to work with it, did I go for poor me. LOL

    Though I agree once in a while a good off the top blow up works too LOL. I think the key is to save those for the big ones that no matter what our reaction it doesn't really affect the situation. In those cases a good blow up can be a good release and then we deal with it. lol.

  11. God, you're good. There was me in my 'woe is me' mood & you come along & kick my arse just at the right moment! thanks Jim...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Walking on that beach with Sophie must help clear the mind.

  13. amen, bro! and beautiful photos... and how come you guys dont do anything with your gift of taking pictures? i could see you both becoming famous!
    and rich.
    and moving me and the wife up north!

    as always, you have the wisdom of an old soul. i have had many intruders this past year and trust me, before all this, i handled them just right, but when they attacked me one after the other, they won. that was just temporary though cuz I AM BACK and stronger than ever!

  14. Thanks for the gentle reminder, so true.

  15. I discovered your blog a few weeks ago, and have been enjoying it ever since. The photos are so beautiful, and since my family hails from Nova Scotia, they're very meaningful to me as well.

    Today's post hits home. We can't control what happens, but can how we react to it. great reminder!

  16. Sunny, blue skies, low swell on the ocean but you are still rugged up? Ahhhh! That's not sand - that's bloody snow! LOL!

  17. First of all the pictures are lovely. And I'll say my mantra again. Holding onto resentment is like us eating the rat poison and then waiting for the rat to die.

  18. Such lovely photos! And you are very right about learning to take the high road and let things go -- it may be a cliche but it does help in the long run!

    I'm a new follower of your blog!


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