Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's A Guy To Do?

Blog-Block Alert!!
Having one of those days when I can't get started on a post. Maybe, or I know, I am trying too hard to write something that will impress everyone, trying to be clever and witty.

Some bloggers whom I follow are so fluent in getting their 'message' out day after day. Take for example John, from Going Gently in Wales. His posts, it appears, are 'just off the top of his head', so to speak, but he has a way with words and expressions that have me in stitches or in tears on a daily basis.

It's not fair at all!! lol 

Then there are those bloggers who are the gentlest 'souls' alive! Like Bobbi from Gracie Owns Me, or Renne from Of Lemons And Honey, I could go on.....but see for yourselves.

You've got to meet the VERY funny gals from the UK! And they would be none other than Tracey of Tracey-Crafty Scraps who can be very XXX rated (so be warned) or as sweet and sensitive as Mother Theresa!

The other Brits are Annie and Penny of The Day After Yesterday and respectively, who both have a very sharp, as in quick, wit and  as well posting intelligent and insightful blogs on a daily basis.
Back on this side of the 'lake', there is none other than Sharon from Tennessee who's blog,Life With Jack and Jill, will take you along on her daily observations and opinions about her life, past and present. It is written with a dry sense of humour and a very 'matter of fact' way.....take it or leave it.

Moving a little further north and east to Virginia there is Kim. Her blog, Life At Golden Pines, is about her life with her 'rescue' dogs, mostly Golden Retrievers. Kim is one of the kindest people I have ever met. Her concern for her critters is truly inspirational.

I'd be remiss if we didn't make a 180 degree turn and head back down south to Mississippi (love typing that word out!!) and say a 'Howdy' (I guess they say that in , here we go, Mississippi) to Christine who posts about everything vintage at Vintage Christine. Chris is a very generous and warm gal who knows EVERYTHING about vintage things and collectibles.

Now if we just teleported ourselves north once again but this time to western Canada in the province of Alberta, you will meet Debra who is one smart 'cookie' and has a very enlightening and entertaining blog called She Who Seeks. I have learned so much from Debra.......from labyrinths to how to let your cat take control of you and your life.

Since we are out west, we have to make a visit with Barbara in California. Barbara is the funniest blogger around. She can turn any vintage ad/promo into a parody which could be from radio in the forties. She is a hoot and a very clever, talented writer. Her blog is If I Didn't Have A Sense Of Humor

Just up the west coast a ways, in Oregon, a State that conjures up memories of a very exciting time in my life, there is a woman who will 'blow your socks off' at what she has accomplished with her life. Cindy (AJ Oaks) takes in rescued animals.....from donkeys to horses and everything in between. She is the kindest 'soul' I have ever met, yet can handle pretty well anything with which she is confronted on a daily basis....especially just recently!!! You will love her! This is her blog.

Since we are so close to the state of Washington, let's sneak a peek in on Jojo. She recently had the greatest news....she's a grandma to the sweetest little girl you have ever seen. Jojo looks at her blog 'As a peek into my perfectly imperfect life'. Her blog,My Random Insanities is one I was so glad that I found....she gives one balance when you need it.
So much for my writer's block! Let's continue.....

I hope you guys are not getting 'motion sickness' with all this back and forth across the map! But we have to return to the east coast of the US to New York State, or to be more precise, to Western New York State to drop in on Louise. She calls herself an 'old hippie' which was THE reason I followed her in the first place (espousing to be one myself back in the day). Her blog Living Retired In Western New York State takes one on hikes through her area and you meet her cats Leon and Rachel. Oh yes, and you get to see the view from her rear window and the menagerie of birds that congregate there.

Since we are on the east coast, let's take a hop again across the Atlantic to Italy. Now folks, please 'fasten your seat belts' for a ride to a blog you will not forget! Don't remember how I got 'connected' to Elvira (probably through a photo blog) but I am glad I did. Her blog, Tuscanys Magical Places, takes you on a journey through the state/province of Tuscany. It is a photographer's paradise! And Elvira takes you on a journey you will not soon forget.

Here we go again.....Phew! That wasn't so bad. Guess where we are? In Texas! That's where. We are at Melodie's place where there are the cutest baby goats that you have ever seen!!! For all you 'critter' lovers this IS the place to visit......Laughing Duck Farm. Oh yeah, and Melodie is a 'spinner' for all you knitters out there.

Since we are in Texas, let's take a pop over to Mal's place. Mal is SUPER Mom!! She 'home schools' her two boys, gardens (all year too! damn you Mal), raises critters, makes meals to 'die for', 'cans' everything under the sun, chauffeurs her kids everywhere and still has time to blog!!! Go figure! And while you are, go visit her at Nekkid Chicken. One thing, she doesn't hesitate to gloat just a little about the great climate down her way!

Now I guess we go a little north and a little east to the state of North Carolina to visit Tracy at My Thoughtful Spot. Tracy is a special education teacher, which attracted me, and she shares her personal experiences of life and family in a very moving and honest way.

Where are we? Oh yes, in NC, USA. Let's stay in America for a bit. How are you all doing, and I AM assuming some of you are still with me, and it's OK if you aren't, but it might be a good time to take a stretch and get a drink....of water!! Can't be that bad!

That's better. If we faced west from here and drove right across the US in a straight line, we would hit California again. I know, I am not the best navigator, or the most frugal one. I'd like you all to meet Inger, a 'transplanted' Swede living in the mountains of California with her three dogs and now with her recently 'retired' husband. Inger is a very articulate woman with a lifetime of experiences of which she shares generously with her followers. Inger is probably one of the kindest people I have met in this 'blogishere'. I learn so much from her posts.Desert Canyon Living is a must. Oh yes, and you should see where she lives! Beautiful area!

I am really going to test my geography skills now! I am doing this 'cold' so to speak......using NO maps! 

Now to Oklahoma to surprise Liz! I am sure she will be so HAPPY to see us! Actually she has been very busy lately with helping her husband back to health. So maybe we should just leave a note to say that we say hi and hope things are getting better at their house.Liz is a very 'handy' gal who can do just about anything with a little bit of this and a little bit of that! Check her blog Ninny's Notes and see what this woman can do. And you will get a chance to meet Tootie her little dog.

Notice how I got out of 'locating' Oklahoma. All I know is that it's in the middle of the US, sort we would have had to head in an easterly direction from California. See!
Since we are in the mid-west let's hop on over to see Chris at Midwestern Mama. Chris has a heart of gold and a very funny sense of humour. Once she gets on a 'roll', there's no stoppin' her! She is presently dealing with a health concern that is treatable but has caught her a little 'off guard' and being Chris she is blogging straight through her experience.

Before we leave the continent again I just want to introduce you to a new follower of mine. His name is Mark and he is married and has four kids. Mark takes the most beautiful pictures of his children and he has a wicked sense of humour. Check him out at My Simple Life, you won't be disappointed.......a 'simple' life with 4 kids!!!!

And speaking of is Becky. She lives in Pennsylvania and she not only takes outstanding photos but her philosophy on life is refreshing and so inspiring. Her blog Life With Kaishon is honest and always pulls at the 'heart strings' because of it's sincerity. Becky has inspired me to be more mindful when taking photos especially of people.
One more before we embark on that intercontinental trip........Stew from Michigan works in the funeral business. I was a little hesitant at first in checking out his blog, A Brighter Side Of The Grave. But after the first post I read, I found that he was someone who loved his work. He is  a very sincere person who appreciates the best in people and celebrates their lives with articulate posts and with a dry sense of humour sometimes.

Now for the long trip. Once you get there you will be happy you came along. Liesl is a young woman who lives on a working farm in South Africa with her husband. She will take you many adventures in the wilds of her country. Her photographs are very good capturing the 'feel' of her country and she sometimes features her husband Cules who seems to be able to do everything and anything. Check her out here at A Little African Magic.

Since we are in the Southern Hemisphere, let's go visit John D. He is retired and enjoying life in sunny Australia (it's summer now). John does very knowledgeable posts about his part of the world from the flora to the fauna that is all around he and his wife and grandchildren. He loves to take pictures and his posts are usually filled with his travel shots. Toktok Place is the name of his blog.

Now there are lots more blogs I follow but if I don't stop now I never will and you will all surely fall asleep doing so. That is not my intention. So I just wanted to acquaint you with a few of the people I follow on a regular basis and there are more that you could check out on my 'followers' list.

This has been a 'trip around the world'. And to think I began with "...having one of those days that I can't get started". Should have been.....can't STOP!
             All photos taken at Conrad's Beach today.

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