Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fasten Your Seat Belts, Here We Go!

Me following Sophie....see her tail? At Conrad's Beach....

We have almost made it through the winter here in Nova Scotia. I figure it is time to celebrate a little by 'shaking off' the past season and 'moving' into the next.

To do this you will have to have a partner if at all possible, but you can do it my yourself as well, click on the link below, turn up the volume..........


Now, isn't that better! Got the heart pumpin'! And we are ready to move on into SPRING.......anytime now........really......anytime now......


  1. Oh, to be young and in that good of shape again,lol!

  2. ditto @ melodie! the beach is my fave place to be, when i went to see my sister in n. carolina last fall, we spent alot of time there. you are so lucky you are closeby like that. on another note, i am feeling much better today, i was anemic and had to get blood again. but c'est la vie!!!

  3. Oh Jim,
    That is absolutely gorgeous scenery...I can see why you want to get out and about!
    thanks for the journey, although I had to go it alone since no one here wanted to be where it is that cold :)

  4. I can not believe how gorgeous your winter is. Just outstandingly beautiful! So exciting to see Spring and Summer where you are this year! I am glad I got to see your beautiful fall and winter! Love your pictures. LOVE your view!

  5. Just looking at that photo makes me ache all over . . . Love that you have so much snow left (although YOU don't love it any longer)--apparently the warm temps are melting the snow in the Midwest and they're expecting flooding. I hate Spring down here--yeah, the flowers bloom but we start getting torrential rain and tornados and flooding. At least during the winter it's just cold!

  6. looks like something out of a disaster movie!

  7. That beach is just gorgeous and so are the photos.

  8. Lekka Boogiewoogie Jim! Do you now what that means??? Ha ha some googling for you! Great pics!

  9. Whew!!

    Gary and I dance like that every night. LOL> NOT!
    I don't know who was better, the guy playing or the ones dancing. I'm looking forward to spring!!

  10. Hi Jim!! I am ready for spring too but I do so love your scenery and would love to live in that house on the point---Or is that your house? ;-))

  11. Being out and about with a dog. I'd love to do that more. (Not having a dog doesn't help my ambition ...)

  12. Great, great boogiewoogie! By the way, how tall IS that piano man? He towers above those dancers when they are all standing.

  13. Looking at that wind makes me feel even colder. Can you please blog about sitting in front of a fireplace?
    Your Friend, m.

  14. Kim, no that is not our house.....hate to pay the heating in there!
    Fran, it may be time to get a dog!
    Christine, We're tough here in N.S.!

  15. That video of the dancers was bloody brilliant Jim. Thanks for that. I am loving the pictures of you beach in winter....

    I am already seeing sighs of spring - the crocuses and snowdrops are now flowering. Excellent!

  16. sniff sniff

    I can just smell the sea air and seaweed. Lovely,

  17. Yes, we can use Spring now..... these little teases are just too hard to take! At least we are on the roller coaster, headed that way!

  18. Oh Yeah, let's get jiggy with the BoogieWoogie!
    Come one Spring, hit me with the good stuff!!!

  19. What fun that boogiewoogie was!

  20. I want that house! great pics as always...boogiewoogie girl out..;j

  21. Beautiful pictures of the beautiful place where you are so fortunate to live. I couldn't get the video to open for some reason, but that's OK. The pictures were refreshment enough.

  22. Just caught up with you. I sure have missed all of ya'!
    Yes, ready for Spring. Oh wait, can I have just one good snow day first? :)
    Going to check out "Changing My Mind". Sounds like a really good book.
    Sometimes there is just that spepial something about an item that you just have to have. And I can tell that that statue still brings a smile to your face.
    Sounds like you all had a great day at the beach. Enjoy before the tourists swarm in.
    Wow, that was so much fun travelling the world with you.
    The blue flowered glass and the glass with the horse on it are my two favs.

  23. Jim- such incredible photos- they do make me shiver though! I can see that Sophie is off and running- leaving you behind.
    Your blog is gorgeous- I am going to be your newest follower.

  24. It looks so clear and fresh. It's been rainy here but lovely & bright today...typical - we are going to the cinema !
    Super photos


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