Monday, February 21, 2011

Contemplative Monday

Just finished reading a book about bi-polar illness, Changing My Mind. It was written by Margaret Trudeau who was married to a former Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

Ms. Trudeau has 'battled' mental illness all of her adult life and has just recently come to terms with it. She is managing her illness quite well now.

My mother was also bi-polar all of her adult life. This book gave me some insights into another person's journey with this insidious illness.

Ms. Trudeau says in the last paragraph of her book: 

" On a final note, I consider my bipolar condition a gift to me. I have almost touched heaven in my mania, I have been plunged into the depths of despair in my depressions, but with the love and compassion that have been shown to me, I have weathered all the storms, and I believe I am equipped now to face any new challenges that my life will inevitably put before me."

Certainly 'food for thought'.

All photos taken by Ron yesterday at the beach.


  1. Indeed food for thought, and lovely images as well.

  2. She's had quite the life, hasn't she? I saw her interviewed recently on TV by her journalist daughter-in-law, the one who's married to Justin. Sophie, I think her name is?

  3. Debra, I saw that as well. Yes, she has had a few experiences along the way! Now maybe she will enjoy them whole-heartedly.

  4. Brilliant post Jim and yet more stunning photographs. I love the way that you have painted bi-polar in a postive way.... there is too much stigma attached to mental illness. It would be interesting to read about how your mother's illness impacted on you! Blimey, I am demanding!

  5. We all have our own gifts. Each person is different and special. Some of the best thinkers and inventors have been "crazy" as they were labled at the time. Explore and share your emotions everyday.

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  7. I like the pictures, kind of wild right now, isn't it?

  8. Your photos feed my soul. Your views remind me so much of the West coast of Canada!

    I have enormous compassion for anyone who lives with illness. Bipolar disorder must be very hard to diagnose, let alone to support. I am thankful that Ms. Trudeau has found what she needs. I hope that your mother and your family did, too.

  9. between heaven and hell, i can relate... never a boring moment for someone who's never been "diagnosed"...

  10. Hi,

    I am working 4 hours a week with a 16 year old fellow who was diagnosed late last fall as being Bi-Polar. Since grade 3 he has been on some kind of "psychic" medication to "control his brain function(s). Now he is on strong medication for Bi-Polar and a new medication for ADHD, to help him focus.

    It is easy for me to be critical, but having lived most of my life wondering what in the hell is wrong with me, I can identify to a degree. my own grandmother was the victim in the early 60's of Electro-shock therapy, and it completely damaged her spirit.

    Before we can comment on the other guy's shoes, we need to go for a stroll in them first.


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