Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It Was A Walk In The Park

On Sunday our niece, Jami, called early in the  morning (8:30). She wanted to see if we were up for a walk with the dogs  and Matt, our nephew, would be bringing his dog, Kalli, too. Of course we would love to go!
So we would meet them all (my sister Paula and Matt's girlfriend, Erika) at Shubie Park. This park is in Dartmouth, the city across the harbour from Halifax.

So we had an hour to eat and get there.
We have been to this park before......but in the summer. Sophie, our dog, loved it then.......mainly because of the beach and lake. Today it would be frozen......solid!

The 'gang'....Jami, Paula, Meghan, Matt, Erika, me and Ron and 'part' of Fenway.
Half of the park is 'off-leash' , so we headed towards that area as soon as we all met up. Oh yes, our other niece, Meghan, come along as well. Gee, the only person missing from this family was their father and husband, Graham.

Where did all the dogs go?
We discovered that this park is not only busy in the summer but also in the middle of winter. There were people everywhere! And with the people, dogs! This was going to be fun.

                  Sophie, Fenway and Kalli.
I couldn't believe so many people....there were actually 'traffic jams' at the path intersections!!

Really, there were dogs everywhere...just not here!!!
The dogs had a blast meeting up with every dog that came along. 

                  My sister Paula.
It also just so happened to be Paula's birthday on Sunday. And when we managed to get through the icy paths and down to the frozen lake, we headed back to the cars and to Paula's for brunch.

On the way back we passed the above Mallard ducks basking in the sun.

Before we headed to the path though, Ron and 'Scribbles' the doodle had to bid their farewells.

So it was to Paula's where she was to be dined and pampered. Her 'kids' did all the preparation and serving....it was the first time in ages that I saw Paula sitting down and not 'running' things. It was nice. And the brunch, well.........very impressive!


  1. What a wonderfully fun way to spend the day. Happy Birthday Pretty Paula! The dogs look like they had a magnificent time. I love your adventures!

  2. What a fun way to celebrate! It looks like tha dogs had a great time and that you had a pretty day for your gathering!

  3. I didn't know that you also had a sister named Paula. How about that!
    I love that first picture of all of you. Who took it, Sophie? She's not in the picture. That dog is incredible!
    Your Friend, m.

  4. What fun!! What keeps the dogs from running away? I saw houses in the back... ?? I have never known of a dog park like this one, though I saw Sophie enjoying it this past summer. This is awesome. I'm afraid Gracie would pick fights with other dogs, then run away. She's so- not sociable... errr ... this happened when we moved. Scribbles is adorable! He looks like a big Gracie.. lol Glad you all had a good time. Happy birthday Paula!

  5. Looks like a lovely human and canine family outing!

  6. It looks like you all had a great time. It's so great that you have so many places where dogs can run free.

    It looks like you're getting that nasty storm that's now pushing its way through the States also, so, stay warm and safe.

  7. Amazing clarity in your photos, Jim.

  8. Sounds like everyone had a nice day -- doggies included. :)

  9. Bobbi, Gracie wouldn't run away. Where would she go? Besides, you would be there and she would be a little timid, so she would 'stick' by you. She would only 'fight' other dogs if they were aggressive...which they usually aren't. Dogs usually 'work things' out' better than we humans do.

    Mark, a very kind 'passerby' offered to take the photo...Nova Scotians are SO friendly!!

    Louise, yes the storm is heading right at us. We are having a minor preview today.

  10. What a fantastic group of people and what a lovely way to spend the day :) Even the pups came along for the fun...I love it!

  11. BEAUTIFUL photos! Looks very much like Norway. :-9

  12. A walk in the park and food! Does it get any better? No! But no hats? You Canadians are tough!

  13. Terry, tough or just VAIN! Notice the guys are more sensible!! lol

  14. Wonderful! I would have loved to have been there. xxx

  15. Jim,
    What lovely photos..thanks for sharing your wonderful outing with us all. It is absolutely gorgeous, however, you can have the snow...I'm ready for spring :)

  16. Looks wonderful Jim ( Did you see that Anne Dickenson wants you & Ron to adopt her ? Can I come too ? )

  17. ..sory that should have been Anne Dickens ( Day after yesterday blog )

  18. Penny, Yes we could have a 'double' adoption.What are the laws in the UK.....think this would be easy?! lol

  19. ok hope you don't get like five comments, having issues.. anyway my comment was

    I think the dogs had it right, looks like a great place for a run!


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