Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday's Selection

Since it is 'Blues' month across North America, I thought I would feature a local guy and his band.

Joe Murphy has been singin' the blues for ages in this area. I knew Joe back in the 80's when we both taught at the same school in Halifax. He was a 'gym' teacher and I was a 'special needs' teacher.

Everybody liked Mr.Murphy! He was always so cool! He still plays every Saturday at Your Father's Mustache in Halifax. My niece, Brynn, 'waits' there on the weekends. It is a very lively place from 2 P.M. to 6 P.M.

Hope you enjoy the Blues.............better than the February 'blues'!


  1. Great stuff! I like to see a band with members of all ages -- old dogs and young pups making music together! And boy, when you're a bluesman, you do it for the love of the blues, eh? No one ever got rich playing the blues, but people love it!

  2. As always, Good stuff Jim. Love the diversity from week to week.

  3. not a blues fan myself but I always said I have no taste

  4. I've got the February blues. When you get your kilt out, will you post a picture of you in it please?!!!!!

  5. very cQQl music i must say... thanks for sharing. and thanks for the very supportive comment you left on my last post. i felt your hugs and it really helped. i am just so down right now its difficult to keep the faith... ya know?


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