Friday, February 4, 2011

It's All About Rights And Nothing To Fear

The above video clip was 'borrowed' from the same blogger buddy as Wednesday's. He is doing a masters degree in psychology/counselling and his class discusses topics on being gay in our society. He was looking for some feedback on this clip that he could use in class discussion, which I gave him immediately after watching it.

What parent wouldn't be proud of this young man?


  1. He's a credit to same-sex families everywhere!

  2. What a remarkable, and articulate, young man.

  3. Yes, I would be proud to have him as my kid. m.

  4. I'm in love. Obviously in a platonic, motherly kind of way (better make that GRANDmotherly). His parents are so proud of him, I know. Guess what?! On Saturday I'm going to a fabulous Mardi Gras ball put on by the Krewe of Amun Ra. It's one of the older gay krewes and the drag queens are soooooo beautiful, although the lesbians don't fare as well since plus-size women just do not do justice to a tuxedo. My cousin Gwen and I are the token straight women so we just sit there, marvel at the gowns and masking, and get drunk.

  5. I saw this on another site this morning; but it's definitely worth watching a second time. I still don't understand just what so many ignorant people are afraid of.

  6. most eloquantly said!!
    given the progress we've made since the '70s,
    i daresay all of this may have come to be a non-issue in, let's say, the next 20 years. sounds like a long time but given gays still lived in the political/social dark ages only 60 years ago, i remain hopeful for the future generations.
    thanx 4 sharing this here with us.

  7. inspiring! thanks for sharing this..

  8. Wow, this kid has quite a future. Very moving.


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