Saturday, February 19, 2011

Retro Saturday

Today's post is not about a 'collectible' that I've been hoarding for decades, but about a single, porcelain object that I bought at an auction over 20 years ago.
I remember the day very well. I hadn't seen this statue before the auction began and when the auctioneer held it up I was immediately mesmerized by it. 
Don't know what it was, beyond the colours and the shear quality, but I started bidding. Of course someone else wanted it too! I didn't even look to see who it was. I didn't care. I wanted this.
That's the thing about auctions. If you aren't careful, you can get into quite a battle for something you want. It is always good to set a limit on what you are willing to pay.....and 'let it go' if you get passed that limit.

I didn't set a limit that day! I kept bidding higher than the other person till he/she gave up. I actually forget what I paid but it was much higher than what I ever thought it would go for.
But I was happy I got it.

It has been around the house in a number of places and actually 'matches' the bedroom walls........same colour as his pants!
I call him the Dutch Boy. Looks like he is from Holland. His clothes reflect this I think and I figure he represents Holland's biggest export.......the bulb and flower industry. Looks like he was 'taking a break' from working in the fields......check out the flowers at his feet.
Or maybe my mind is working overtime. He is really just a porcelain figure which stands over a foot tall and he has just picked flowers for his mother from their garden.

In any case, I have no idea what factory made him and if he is from Holland or not. I have been trying to decipher the 'marks' on the no avail, other than it was made in the 1940's, which accounts for the 'crazing' on him........the very fine hair-like cracking.
Anyone out there recognize the company?
Have a great weekend everyone and 'happy hunting'.


  1. Jim,
    He is really quite coy and debonaire...I too like the colors but the flowers at his feet; one could really attach quite a story to him.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a handsome statue! Is he whistling as he returns with his flowers for his mom I wonder.

  3. Your Dutch Boy is a lovely piece! I think one of the great things about collecting antiques is the mystery....where they come from and who have they belonged to....

  4. Nice! It makes you wonder what he's really worth... especially with someone else bidding against you. I don't much like auctions. I get too disappointed if I want something and don't get it. Now silent auctions I kind of like... Maybe I'll see you someday on the 'road show' with this little guy??

  5. He is a handsome piece! I would say, he's whistling a tune as he waits for something, like his girl's door to open or for the bus to come. He seems very relaxed. I can see why you wanted him!

  6. I have, of course, no idea where he came from, but he surely is a handsome fellow. I'm glad he has brought you so much pleasure these past 20 years.

  7. He does have that Dutch look, but I don't know either. Great piece though and I'm glad you got him.

  8. what ever you paid it was well worth it. He is quite debonair...

  9. Maybe a flower seller? I'm surprised at how tall he is.

  10. I don't have any knowledge about antiques. I sure do love him though. What a beautiful piece. And what a great color for bedroom walls. LOVE it! : ) You are the coolest. No wonder Sophie loves you so much.


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