Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Got This Message Today From 'You Know Who'

For the most part I enjoy getting 'mail'....always have. I remember when I was at university I could hardly wait to go check my Post Office box to see if anybody missed me or were coming to visit.

I'd be there a couple times a day to check. I don't suppose is was because Ron worked there and I was trying to figure out a way to speak with him!?

That's another story for another day! lol

Speaking of mail....I got this from my 'buddy' The Universe today....wish I knew this back at university!

Sadness, illness, and despair, are less conditions than they are decisions - to see yourself as less than you really are.

Good thing that's all, huh, Jim?

    The Universe

All photos in this post by Ron.


  1. That's a thought-provoking message from the Universe all right. Love Ron's photos -- those spectacular shades of blue. Tweaked a bit perhaps?

  2. Man, you guys take some awesome photographs! I think Mother Nature said something like that to me recently, and you know you don't mess with THAT mutha!!!

  3. ...enter positive thinking and the power behind it... I love the pictures - and the message from your buddy. Have a great day, Jim!

  4. Debra, yes I tweaked them a bit to bring out the blue hue.

  5. Those pics are bloody amazing! You are so blooming transparent going to the Post Office everyday to ogle Ron ....... but from ogling came success - Huzzar! I think I might have to take some tips out of your book, having been single for two years..... Now what can I post?

  6. The pictures and the message are needed at the end of my long day--I just wish it was warmer here in Virginia! :-) Hope you're doing well Jim!

  7. Thank the universe for the heads up.... canny old thing that Universe! ;D

    love the "tweaked" photo's... lol

    love and hugs from little ol England!
    x Alex

  8. I wish the universe were that specific and gentle with it's advice to me!! hehe...
    great thoughts, beautiful pics.
    no baby yet, no need to check!!!

  9. Love the pics that Ron took and the Universe is spot on!


  10. I love a love story. I hope you post your "story for another day".

  11. Lovely thought & beautiful tweaking! xxx

  12. AW... so now when you put up a fabulous picture, I get to guess if it's you or photoshop? Sigh.....

  13. omg those pics are so beautiful!!!!! you are so good at taking them, the both of you are!!!

    thanks for your comments on my last post, you are too kind..

    and i do like the quote from today, it fits me just fine...


  14. Love the pix! I really need to start carying my camera with me. After our recent additional 7 inches of snow, it was drifting, like a crescent wave. As the sun came over the horizon in the morning, it illuminated the underside of that "wave" of snow and left the top dark. I couldn't stop staring at it. And also had no way of capturing it. But you have done it with these shots. Quite magical. Thanks for sharing


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