Friday, February 18, 2011

Photo Shoot

After lunch on Wednesday we headed down to Conrad's Beach, which is about 5 minutes away by car. It was a sunny day and the wind wasn't ripping through us.

A perfect day to take some photos without the fear of getting 'frost bitten'.

We each brought our camera gear and headed down to the juncture of the two beaches. In the summer these beaches are usually packed, especially the first one where families congregate.

The 'second' beach is for the more 'adventurous', as it is a bit further to hike and very unpredictable as to what condition the beach will be in.

So, at the point we plunked ourselves down and started to take in where we were. It was good to be back to this end of the is where we mostly go in the summers to spend a few hours in and out of the water.

And of course Sophie was pretty happy as well to be back.....even though the sand was frozen and she couldn't dig.

Seaweed would have to do....she was content!

And so was Ron!


  1. ROFL Sophie is giving herself a seaweed facial. LOVE IT! :O)


  2. It's in the 70's down here, bro. Just sayin'..... And love the photos,as always. Boogie the big dog would live to romp with Sophie on that beach!!

  3. I live for simple days.
    Your Friend, m.

  4. My Rare One uses those walking sticks too and swears by them! In both winter and summer, they're great!

  5. I WANT TO LIVE WITH YOU!! It's so beautiful there!

  6. Lovely pictures, and I can see why you love that beach so much. Sigh, if I plunked myself down like Ron in those pictures, you'd need a crane to get me back up.

  7. I love a beach with snow on - so fresh & bright

  8. You lot are so brave for going out to the beach in that cold! Looks like you had a great time of it! Have a good weekend!

  9. You live in such a stunning part of the world, you take such incredible photographs! I wish mine were even a fraction as good as yours!
    I've been sitting here catching up on your posts. I seem to be playing catch up with everything just lately, but it's been just wonderful, looking and reading through your posts. Best wishes, from a dull and dreary Derbyshire, Linda x

  10. it looks so cold, the sky is so blue though!
    love the pictures.

  11. Looks like a nice day for a shoot! Beautiful water and sky! We have thick dark clouds, plus now it's dark. LOL!

  12. Beautiful pictures! I can almost feel the cold on my face and smell the ocean!

  13. I feel like I just had a mini-break!


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