Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Guess What I Saw Yesterday?

Now I am not just being positive for the sake of being positive, but yesterday I felt something in the air. There was something a little different about the brightness of the sun. Things seemed to sparkle a little!

No, I was not losing it! Ask Ron. He felt it too.

When we got to the beach (where I got my new 'header' photo) it was there too!

I just couldn't 'put my finger on it', until we were heading home back up the beach. Sophie was acting like I haven't seen her act in a few months. She had a more playful energy about her,if that was possible!

As we were walking down the boardwalk it hit me!

Spring is coming and is giving us a little preview.


  1. Even though there is snow on the ground here, I felt it too yesterday. It was nice.
    Your friend, m.

  2. I'm ready! I love winter, but this one has been a doozy, and I'm ready for it to end. We have to get through February and March first around here, though.

  3. It's funny but, the boys and I noticed the same thing yesterday. And we; (you & ron) and us could just glimpse a little taste of the promise of spring. Can't wait to really start our garden.

    Take care,

  4. Oh, I just knew you were going to say that!! .... and the award for best post of the day goes to... *drumroll-please... * JIM > for his feeling/seeing SPRING post! :) :) :)

  5. LOVE your new header photo. And over the last day or so I've read other bloggers from the eastern seaboard who also say something in the air has changed. Well, it ain't reached northern Alberta yet!




    You do have a very talented ARTISTIC EYE!!!!

    Have a great day, Jim!!!

    ciao ciao elvira

  7. I have to admit that our warmer temps have given me a little bit of spring-fever...But I'm secretly hoping for at least one more snow fall....don't tell anyone because I know everyone else is ready for spring!!! ;-)

  8. Just stop this right now. This is what makes winter seem unbearably long. My husband gloms on to the first bright day, be it in January, February, whenever, and declares that spring is around the corner. And every day thereafter seems like a setback!

    Don't mind me. I'm one of the sick minority that actually enjoys winter and is sad to see it go. (I know, I know)

  9. Renee, I love winter too! And look forward to a least a few more snow storms here, until spring shows itself in May.

    Debra, I didn't think Alberta had a spring!!! lol

  10. The snow keeps getting deeper here. Usually it will snow then melt over and over all winter. This year, it's all snow, all the time. And for the first time, I'm loving it. I will welcome spring with open arms but for now let it snow.

  11. I love your new header! Yes, sometimes one can feel spring in the air, but not for us in Oklahoma today. I feel a blizzard comin' and we're supposed to get another 6 inches of snow tonight. Maybe spring will let us feel her another day. *sigh*


  12. I so hope you are right, Jim. Lovely photos. :)

  13. i really enjoy all 4 seasons but just when i get to the point of gagging over one, it slips into the next.. thus preventing me from throwing up just a lil. so it's all good. i would not want to live in the same exact climate all the time. it would get monotonous. [yes i know i butchered that word lol].

    you continue to amaze me on the beauty you capture with your camera. may i ask what brand it is?

    loving your new header. anything with the ocean makes me smile. i could be a beach bunny in a string bikini if i were rich, young, and thin... lol. i am a pool/sun bunny here in our pool naked when i am alone [TMI dont do a visual its not perdy] and with a one piece when not. but it energizes me to be in da pool and sun. looking forward to that again.

  14. Pretty photos and I so hope your right! I am more than ready for spring! :O)

  15. beautiful pics and great reminder that spring is on it's way...ahhhhhh!

  16. Oh, how I wish! We've had another snowstorm with daytime temps at 0. I might believe in Spring in a few days, but right now, not so much.

  17. JIM. . .love the new header. . .magnificent! Looking at it I am "almost there, walking in the foam. . ." Nice feeling. . can almost smell the sea air. . .just nice. . .makes me wish I was home on the Dunes and down the back yard path to the beach below our home. . .

    Your photo transcends miles and borders. . .


  18. Ah, to even hear (read) the word is welcoming!

  19. Those pics are fabulous!!!
    Ah, the Spring bug in the air. The weather here has been so mild it's scary. Very little rain and really no snow to talk about.
    Trying to catch up with what has been going on with you and Sophie ( Ron).

  20. Beautiful photos Jim! I think spring is on the way here as well! :-) Yippee...

  21. I love it so much : ) I know it is coming. And it fills me with hope. : ) Gorgeous, gorgeous images. As always.

  22. I have heard from several sources, that Spring is on it's way but will be somewhat delayed and the 70F we had today - was just a tease!

  23. I love shots like these, its like being under the sea with out getting wet.
    Well done, Jim!


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