Saturday, February 26, 2011

Retro Saturday

Today's 'retro' item is one that I found in an antiques shop in the village of New Germany, Nova Scotia just off the South Shore heading inland. And since our buddy, 'Winter', returned last night with a kind of vengeance, what better way to brighten the day. 

When I saw it set up in a corner it looked very familiar to me but at first I had no idea why it would. I continued to look around at all the 50's vintage in the place from arborite kitchen table sets to you name it.

When I got back to it, it dawned on me that my parents had this exact 'card table' when I was a kid of about 5 or 6. It was those big red flowers that stood out in my mind. I never knew of course what they were at the time but I thought they were beautiful.

I don't remember what the table was used for, probably the kids, that would be me and my sisters, ate at it some of the time. Or maybe my parents played 45's on it with friends, it was a 'card table' after all!

So I wanted it! But what would I do with it? We didn't have room for another table in the house.

Then I had an idea. We were looking for a large, bright, cheerful painting for the bedroom. I would take the legs off the table and hang it! Worked for me.

It's been hanging there ever since. And it does brighten the room up. Funny thing is that in early summer we have a lot of those flowers blooming in our garden.....Oriental Poppies of course!

Oh yes, and when my sister Jo-Ann saw this 'painting' she recognized it immediately.

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