Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday's Selection

After watching the movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona last evening, I was humming Spanish guitar melodies for the rest of the night.

So, on that 'note', I thought it appropriate to share with you a few of our favourite Classical/Spanish guitar artists.

The first is Dale Kavanagh, in the above video clip. Dale is from the same town in which Ron, my husband, was born...........Wolfville, Nova Scotia. In fact he was her swimming instructor and a little later on they both 'life-guarded' at the university pool.

Her career began to take off in the 90's as she began to be recognized as an accomplished classical guitarist and composer. She lives in Germany and on her tours she usually includes either Halifax or Wolfville. We have attended a couple of these. 

Watching this clip I realized that she is still pretty much the same as she was years ago.....that contagious smile!

I thought too that I would give a couple of links to two other Canadian Classical/Spanish guitarists  that we like. 

The first is Jesse Cook (just click his name). We saw him a few years ago and he gives a very lively concert.

The second is Leona Boyd (click her name). She is more a traditional classical guitarist and her 'playing' is very relaxing and softer than say Jesse's.

Hope you get a chance to listen to these musicians sometime and if you are like me, sit back and enjoy their talent.

Have a great Sunday.

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