Saturday, February 12, 2011

Retro Saturday

In keeping with my pledge earlier this month to provide a 'splash of colour' to you all when we really need it, here is a collection of glasses. I've been picking these up for the past couple of years and just placing them on a glass shelf in the window in the kitchen.

They range from juice glasses to tumbler size.

I have found that some glasses made today are very heavy and clunky.

These are mostly 'light weight' and it leads me to believe that the more 'retro' ones (over twenty years old) were made lighter. Can't base this theory of mine on anything......just an observation waiting to be dis-proven.

The sun doesn't shine directly into this window during the winter months. But in the summer it gets the early morning sun and hits these colours. 

The sun is slowly moving its way in a more easterly direction and soon we will have a brighter and more colourful kitchen in the mornings.

These glasses are very reasonable in 'thrift shops'.....anywhere from 39 to 99 cents generally. So not a bad 'investment' in brightening up your day.

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